PB initial impressions

  • I have to say the introduction of PB is great for the index and has added some excitement to the weekend fixtures.

    However, I personally think the additional 40pts for getting a 'winning goal' is a bit over the top:

    • 80pts for just one goal is too much, especially when that goal could be a penalty, it could mean a player who has played considerably better overall loses out on the dividends, which kind of destroys the whole point of a performance buzz
    • Current system for calculating winning goal is illogical e.g. when Man Utd were 4-0 up the winning goal was Bailly's, but if Swansea had scored a consolation goal at the end the 'winning goal' would have been given to lukaku because he scored man utd's second goal - there's just no reason this goal should get another 40pts when it was no more important than any of the others and arguably less important than Bailly's
    • In a close match where 1 goal separates the teams, is a 'winning goal' any more valuable than the other goals? After all, the match would not have been won if the other goals were not scored - so why should it be worth double?

    In general, I think the current system does not really reward overall performance, just whoever happens to score the goal that is one more than the opposition. Here are my suggestions:

    • Reduce the 'winning goal' points to 20
    • Reduce the points for a goal scored if the goal leads to a difference of 3 or more than the opposition e.g. first 2 goals of man utds win would have been worth 40pts each and the second two worth 20pts each.

    Combine both of these and this would have been the points scored in man utds win:

    • 1st goal 60pts (40 for goal, 20 for 'winning goal')
    • 2nd goal 40pts (40 for goal)
    • 3rd goal 20pts (20 for 'less important' goal)
    • 4th goal 20 pts (same as above)

  • I see the logic in what you're saying, absolutely.

    My take out so far is that goal scoring defenders will do well (just invested in Ramos, Alonso and a few others)

  • @NewUser59170 You got it wrong. There wasn't a winning goal in the man Utd match.

    The winning goal is only awarded when it is a draw, and a goal is scored. For example it's 1-1 and Lukaku scores and makes it 2-1. Lukaku would get 80 points.

  • @Sagenode That's not correct - Bailly got the game winning goal because he scored man utds 1st goal i.e. 1 more goal than swansea scored (checked with FI customer service) - his points were boosted by 40pts after the match ended.

  • @NewUser32695 Thanks for pointing that out.

    I stand corrected. Though my version is far better.

  • I don't see why there needs to be any bonus for a match winning goal, each goal should be worth the same amount. Id rather see a man of the match style bonus if any at all.

  • Consider the following two scenarios.

    Scenario 1:
    You score the only goal in a 1-0 win = 80 points.

    Scenario 2:
    Opposition scores, You equalise, team mate makes it 2-1, You make it 3-1 = 80 points

    How the hell are these two scenarios worth the same?!

  • A goal is worth 1 regardless of when it is scored.

    I get a match winning goal hogs headlines but what about match winning assists, match winning saves, match winning blocks...it makes sense that a goal, tackle, save, pass etc etc are worth the same I.e goal = 40, assist = 30 etc, of course, not suggesting a pass and a goal should have equal reward

  • Mascherano deserved 1,000 points for that tackle last night.

    MY GOD it was a thing of absolute beauty.

    He's an artist.

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