Leon Bailey

  • Hey Guys

    Anyone heard any news on Leon lately?

    There was a rumor that he might choose England as his playing country, any more light shed on this?

    There was talks about 8 weeks ago about him being linked to Chelsea/Arsenal but not heard any more on that since....

  • I think Talksport debunked this a while ago; he can't choose England. Two of his grandparents hold British citizenship but weren't born in the UK, so he's not eligible. It's therefore Jamaica, or possibly Germany if he ignores the call up from Kingston and completes the residency requirement.

  • read his story on wikipedia earlier (so it might not be true) quite strange... sounds like his foster dad holds all the playing cards???

    probably destined for a big money EPL move where dad takes a cut so expect him to be one of the buzz players not going to the WC this summer... Be surprised if he chooses Jamaica (according to what i've read) but if he doesn't stay in Germany that will effect his chance of playing for an adopted nation for another 5 years at least?

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