Can someone official please get us an explanation?

  • @Dronny-Gaz said in Can someone official please get us an explanation?:

    Say what you want to try and calm traders edginess.
    I know there's something not right, as do you!
    This announcement was an opportunity for FI to really put it's marker down.
    Traders wanted positivity!
    Underwhelming seems to be the general consensus.
    I'm not after 70/80 % ROI, those days are gone.
    Obviously, that would be nice. 😁
    Equally, I don't want to see 20% profit on paper, when I know I'm probably 10% down when it comes to actually selling.
    FI seems to have lost its direction.
    I hope they find it very soon as I still have decent money in here.

    So, on 21st of the month you can now potentially buy 11 players who are all miles ahead in the TOTM rankings and earn FIFTY ONE PENCE in dividends. You don't have to sell and rebuy for the next month, they are yours to keep and will qualify for TOTM for the next three years!

    total game changer FOR THE BETTER, whilst still offering decent PB and Mb divs

    How can anyone have an issue here??

  • @Ericali
    Yes of course! That old chestnut!
    You can do better than that!
    You can have money in both and still be a balanced individual.
    Keep banging your drum and waving your FI flag.
    We'll all pretend everything is fine.

  • @ScouseSte no issue with totm.

    Issue is swing of value to GKs, harming the "loyal" traders that have established ports without them. They even mention wanting to reward loyalty... Just want to know if they knew what adding gks would do or not.

    Again those suggesting I'm bitter as I have premiums are wrong, I've always explained how diverse I am and have gks and premiums.

    It just makes me question the point in holding the premiums now.

    Those saying this has been a good div rise and plan, are they buying the premium dip? Send some screenshots if so to boost the confidence of those wondering what to do.

  • I don't know why this has got turned into FI v FS, 54% of the forum has voted the announcement a 5 or under so unless this is a mainly FS forum then the majority clearly aren't happy with this!

  • @ChazFI123
    Exactly and don't let @Ericali turn it into some sort of playground name calling.
    We want grown up answers to grown up questions.
    That's all!

  • It's no longer a minority on here having concerns, last night showed a big change in confidence and vocal concerns by a lot of the forum including very respectable successful traders that haven't voiced concerns before. We've never seen such a reaction to a div rise. The forum is usually a great way of measuring market sentiment. Hope FI have taken note. An mb rise with the mb overhaul would be a step forward.

  • For me, I'm all for the totm, think that's great.
    But FI needed to do something to kick start the platform. It's been flying recently with anticipation of a decent rise and personally I don't think 100% was unrealistic (although I definitely didn't think it would be that high). Purely by how much the index has grown over the past year. Many players have doubled in value yet the dividends don't reflect this growth, let alone add scope for growth (towards a £1bn company?!).
    The top end pulls the rest of the market with it. I sold sancho at about £11,but he then shot up to £14 and it dragged others over £10 which has then recently made foden and greenwood really attractive as it shows the potential.
    No one's buying further down the market so lots of traders have funds tied up, so if the lower end wasn't going to get any help then they shouldn't have weakened the top end too. The top end has been weakened by the introduction of GKs and this is how people can free up funds.
    Hopefully selling orders will be in soon to kick start trading at the bottom.

  • @Wolf
    Exactly this.
    All I want to do is trade yet I have decent players with ridiculous spreads I'm not prepared to take that hit on.
    They will come good, I'm sure of that.
    This is that lack of liquidity that everyone is talking about though.

  • Totm could be full of golden oldies... Messi, Illicic, Ramos, Kroos, payet, Ronaldo, parejo

    With liquidity problems, and no IS back to FI, would anyone dare stock up on them now for the totm divs?

    I think FI factored this in, they will almost have these players playing for them against the kdbs, Neymars, Trent, Kimmichs, brunos

  • @Westy some of the golden oldies could pay for themselves over the course of one season!

    There's £1.20 per position on offer just from the TOTM.

    Your Ramos, Di Maria, Perisic, Muller all hover around a £1 are now stonking value.

  • @Ericali I don't get how Muller has become value, he scored over 200 3 times last season, he'd probably need to do that all in one month just to be in the top 3. Messi/Depay/Dybala etc will average 3 scores of 200 a month at least surely, Depay may struggle though as no European multiplier

  • @ChazFI123 he plays in a top team who smash people every week. Don't forget it's only the top average scores that count to TOTM.

    Even if you don't agree with him the sub £1 or the slightly £1+ market who score highly on PB have added value.

    I'm thinking Di Maria for all those games Neymar misses & he takes everything 😁 💰

  • @Ericali I agree in regards to Di Maria his problem was that he may only start 4 games a month, but he'd always score well in those 4 games

  • @ChazFI123 it's not quantity of games.

    You only have to play 2 matches in the month to qualify as an average base score don't you? 🤔

  • @Ericali that's what I'm saying? If they need 4-5 games a month Di Maria wouldn't benefit but due to the fact it's less he can get away with playing less games

  • Thought it was the 3 best pb scores in a given month.

  • @Ericali said in Can someone official please get us an explanation?:

    @ChazFI123 it's not quantity of games.

    You only have to play 2 matches in the month to qualify as an average base score don't you? 🤔

    i thought it was top 3 scores count?

  • @King-Fergus it is👍

  • 3 top scores average base. 👌

    So if you score 300, 300 & 100 as your top scores your base score average is 233 PB for the month.

  • @Ericali it is your score added together not average so in this case score would be 700

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