Portfolio size

  • Just interested to know the size of others portfolios.

    I currently hold around 20 players with a couple of big guns, transfer spec and up and coming.

    Very few (apart from big guns) are in the PL.

  • @Lizzle

    5 players at the moment, all within the Top 10 on the Index.

  • 45 players in total with 5 players £300-£100
    The rest are mostly 10 futures £10-£20
    Have various 1 futures to keep an eye and they’ve mostly plummeted 😂 the red is annoying

  • 47 players. 85% dividends 15% flips currently but I want to adapt my portfolio to 70% dividends 30% flips which will increase the number of overall players

  • @ocs123 that's an interesting tactic, full on MB is it? When did you join and how have you fared recently (I'm referring to capital value - I assumed you've won MB everyday 👌!) and equally do you really worry about future value?

    Sorry for all the questions but I am considering pulling a significant amount of my time away from the index to focus on other commitments. For me that means a portfolio containing a mixture of Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, Salah, Pogba, Bale and Hazard. Plus maybe a few long term holds, maybe cheap PB players for next year but not got that far yet. With treble MB over the summer I would expect 7-10p a day in dividends which would be a decent yield while I take one and a half eyes off the index...

  • I have around 50 players of various holds but to answer the question above If i were to opt for a more hands off portfolio it would certainly be based around MB only... I hold all of the top eight players and have missed out on around four or five dividend days this year which suggests 'guaranteed' income for at least six days a week without having to manage anything... Just be wary of the Ronaldo age factor but everyone else in that top six at least should be paying buzz dividends for the next 12 months minimum? Also if you believe in the game (or on the basis that FI might share split again) then I see no reason for prices of these players to fall any time soon either? Maybe Pogba 'if' he leaves United?

  • @Pierrey2129

    I joined in Oct 2017 and tried lots of different strategies, but switched to a MB focussed approach at the start of Feb 2018.

    It’s delivering very regular MBs, probably an average of 4-5 per week, plus the occasional PB.

    Share price growth was doing really well until the last fortnight, when it’s dropped a bit. But i’m in it for the long term and unless a major injury occurs, intend to hold these players for several years.

    I use Noir’s data to only invest in the Top 10 players which actually win MB on a regular basis.

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