Coutinho, lowest he's been in 6 months!!!

  • Not had a great time with players of £2:50 or more. That said, I'm tempted to purchase £50 worth of Coutinho as his price is certainly lower then I'd expect considering the world cup is upon us and the fact he's likely to have a better season at Barca next year.

    What are people's thoughts? All opinions welcome.

  • I think news in Spain is that he's done quite well at Barca and they expect a big year for him next season... Which suggests he can't keep falling in price... A bad WC for Brazil or a slow start though and he may get lower still.... Saving grace for us holders is the WC and if Brazil do well surely he'll be a big part of it...

    I doubt he'll ever get back to what he was but certainly at 2.50 there could be some profit in it but I probably expect him to fall still prior to the World Cup so might take a look nearer the time if I were to take any more?

    Perhaps the best bet to make money on him would be for him to fail miserably and get a loan move back to someone like Watford or Everton in the Premier League???

  • Watford or Everton 😂

  • He'll bounce back, he's a top player, I've bought a few recently.

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