Winners & Losers

  • So, now we've all slept on it and digested the new info, who do we feel will benefit the most and lose out? I want names of players, no fence sitting.

    I'll start with just a few names that spring to mind.

    Kimmich & other consistent high scorers who maybe dont quite score enough goals to win gold days.
    Van Dijk - good consistent high scores and way better value than TAA

    TAA overpriced. Will feature regularly I think, but better value elsewhere?!
    Sancho - unsustainable wherever he ends up
    Depay - no european football multiplier so loses chances of TOTM

  • I think basically any player in the top 20 has not benefited apart from maybe Messi

  • Would you pay £10 for Mbappe to make a 0.1% div return when you can buy a keeper for under a quid who will make vastly better returns? If player value is underpinned by div returns then the Rennes keeper is worth way more than Mbappe now 😂

  • @chaps1988 said in Winners & Losers:

    Kimmich & other consistent high scorers who maybe dont quite score enough goals to win gold days.
    Van Dijk - good consistent high scores and way better value than TAA

    I don't think TAA is massively overpriced - someone worked out the TOTM divs based on this year, and TAA was on 43p, with Pavard in second on 20p. I've always said VVD is massively underpriced compared to TAA, but his TOTM divs this year would have been 13p. But hopefully this should boost him to around £3 again.

  • @kristiang85 whats that 4% yield for trent? Is that just TOTM or inc other divs too? If that sjust Totm add this years div yield of 5.4% = 9.4%

    I don't think whales will come for that with the risk involved.

    10% ish is reasonable...but wheres the room for growth?

  • @Westy just seen on twitter Trents actual yield from TOTM would’ve been 34p. Messi 44p. Everyone else was 20p or below (except Kimmich but I’m not sure if that factors him as a defender or midfielder)

  • @ChazFI123 so 34p + 56p hes already got this season = 90p lets say he wins 10p more this season and call it £1.

    That's still under 10%... so ok for holders, that's reasonable in times like this, but they will be sweating on any big injury or matrix change impact next year or positional change to mid... so with all that risk and the entry cost, i don't think this div table will allow for much growth at all.

  • @Westy exactly, Trent may hold his value cause of his age and Bruno might if he keeps performing like he is but why would anybody else's price hold? I just don't see how bringing the premiums back in price is a benefit to the overall market

  • Do you think the likes of Greenwood and Foden will hold their price or continue to rise as theyve got the world at their feet?!

  • @chaps1988 Foden I'd worry about as if City don't have Europe that will probably rule him out of most TOTM. But I imagine the youth will still probably grow as there's no real reason for the money now to plow into the premium holds.

  • Players in my port that could benefit from TOTM.... Goretzka, Alberto, Hakimi, Oyarzabal, Tah, Lewandowski. Players unlikely to benefit....the other 21. I like the idea though, it will keep things interesting and it's still better than having money in the bank!

  • @NewUser550313
    Consistent pb boys will increase once gk frenzy is over.

    I’ve got all those you’ve mentioned plus a host of others that should be prevalent including pavard, kimmich, Fabian Ruiz, angelino, hakan from milan, Sergio Ramos, Messi, Ronaldo, Bruno, Maguire, vvd and a few others.

    Main problem I have, like many others, is the liquidity issue with the other 80% of the portfolio.
    Hoping FI can address this in some manne, quietly confident something will be done before next season starts.

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