What is the scoring criteria for keepers?

  • So we all need keepers now. Fine.

    What exactly are they scored on for PB scores - I can't seem to find this info.

    Clean sheets and penalty saves presumably score high, but do completed passes count (As is the current fashion for GKs) and what about things like catches from corners or stuff like that?

    If so, is it better to have a good keeper with a questionable defence in front of him so he is saving catching clearing etc, or is a solid defence where a keeper has cock all to do a safer bet for the clean sheet stats?

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    These are your GK specific point allocations.
    you get the normal stuff that all players do as well, but most of it doesn't apply, not many GK winning corners etc.

    I think solid defenses, for CS potntial and good pen savers would be the way to go, but time will tell i guess.

  • difference between save and blocked shot?

  • @chaps1988

    Save i'm guessing means he's caught the ball and prevented it going back into play.

    Whereas blocked shot is a standard save outwards, pushing the ball back into or out of play

  • Surely save should be worth more then?

  • @chaps1988 so definitions are here:-


    looks like blocked shot is "not a regular save on the line"

    bit unclear but i guess when a keeper rushes out ther giving him extra points based on making a strong decision leaving the goal line and preventing a goal without conceding a penalty.
    they are probably a more rare occurrence

  • @Chris-C don't forget you also have your win bonus. 👍

    Your team wins +18
    Your team loses -15

    That's a 33 point swing - which is a substantial amount of points for a keeper.

  • And for points for passes... which will favour teams that dominate possession and play out from the back.

    I think they lose -5 for every goal conceded too.

    To win PB on a Silver / Gold day your keeper will probably need to keep a clean sheet and rack up lots of other points from saves, blocked shots and passes.

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