Money for old dopes

  • Obviously I have said I am pretty chuffed with the div announcement( not referring to AC, honest!)

    I think this announcement really opens up massive possibilities- there is talk of how do you get out of a player without IS when there's no liquidity, but take Sergio Ramos for example

    The Grandmaster of Twat has managed to bag himself positional wins twice and star player once in I think as many weeks recently. He's banged in 5 goals in a 30 day period(10p in ipds) and now what we are saying is next season he is competing with around 20% less players than previously, AND has a chance of picking up further divs from the TOTM still this season.

    He has increased by around a quarter in price, so with his divs if you had bought him last month, you are looking at 40% return in a month in cap app and divs and his spread is small.

    I admit old twatface is maybe an anomaly and he'll probably get a red for decapitating a player in the next game, but a shift in focus should maybe be:

    For Sub £1 players: ignoring what I can sell them for, could I return a healthy profit from divs alone? For some players, it's a definite yes, and for others a murky no, but they might have an amazeballs day and I can offload them for shorter spreads

    For the higher priced players, it's about MB, transfers, and performance.

    A lot of my players are down if I sold them now, but I expect that to change after the first TOTM but I think it is now that the time period to sell at decent profit is narrower and you have to time it better.

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