Team of the Month 1st to 9th of July

  • As it stands
    The majority of Italian clubs have 6 more games to play too this month, so you may find it being an Italian sweep of all the places.

    Nope - its fine, me being a dick (edit)

    Lorenzo Pellegrini currently on 178 points (midfield) is my tip to charge into the places. I don't hold, but have put some very low ME bids in for him.

  • Good work. Would it be possible to add in a number of games played column? e.g. Mario Rui and Egan have played 3 times but Ramos only twice so he's definitely more likely.
    Also, you had Egan, the 3rd placed DEF earning 4p not 2p.
    ...and now you've just removed the table. Gah!
    Well, hope you get it fixed.

    You shouldn't have to be doing this yourself though but, as usual, FI act before they think...

    "Will there be a feature to track Team of the Month standings?
    Yes, our UX team are working on a new feature that will allow Traders to track the Team of the Month standings."

    You would have hoped that this feature would have been in place already

  • @dean73 I'll make the changes after work.

    The template is created now and all I have to do it drop the data in so its a 2 min job moving forward. If it will be worthwhile I can continue it.

    Anything else that needs to be added to do you think? May be a 'closest' field of a certain amount of players?

    Let me know and I will see what I can do....if it takes loads of time I will allow you to pay by paypal to me and Ill send it out via email and make millions off ya all :-)

  • Congratulations on getting the as-it-stands TotM up faster than FI. Feeling very Victor Meldrew at the moment. They managed to fuck up the roll out of one of the best features in yonks.

  • This will be hugely beneficial @Millerman so thank you. If you could incorporate those who are close to getting into TOTM would be useful I think

  • Slight tweak made - further changes when I get home will include

    Remaining number of games to play, both for players already in the payout positions and the best of the rest.

    Even thinking of putting in a projected table based on current score / number of games * total number of games in that month.......and if I can get my head round it, maybe some type of match difficulty rating that 'could' give out more of a prediction....fook knows ???? See what I can get up to, might be nothing yet as the bird may need some attention, and top and bottom of it all, the bird wins hands down over you filthy money making dirt bags.


  • @Millerman Good stuff although David Silva has only played twice. Appreciate the work gone into this though

  • @dean73

    Silva's last 3 scores this month have been 0_1594394829005_upload-c70198ae-e271-449a-8000-273f9fa52e99

    He still gets the 18 points as unused sub in the win at home to Liverpool.

  • @Millerman

    Looks great, thanks for doing this and sharing 👍.

  • @Millerman Awesome work! Ramos looks like a shoe in, maybe Silva as well if he gets another decent score! No sign of Messi yet...😁

  • @Millerman Ah never thought of that. Still, any appearance he makes from here on in will improve his score. Such a shame he's moving on in the summer

  • Not sure if anything like this would help....basically the most in form team in Italy at the moment and they have 6 games left this month.
    I could have put price on as well but I thought fuck em..........not breast feeding everyone as well.

    That's your lot today, im off muff diving and spraying cheap 99p bottles of Aldi German Lager all over the mrs cos I'M THE MAN.

    Enjoy your nights lads and lasses because even though some of you are mardy twats and moaning about the new payouts etc.....we all seem healthy enough, we all have enough money to enjoy this platform and for the short term, look at how to make it work for you all.....take care.

  • @Millerman Great work!

  • @Millerman
    Great work..& love the ‘humour’👍

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