The pricing of cheap squad players

  • Hi guys, I've been trading for about a month and I've mainly purchased top 200 and top tier squad players until now.
    I should've probably asked this before purchasing a few of the bottom end squad players, how low can their prices go? I looked on the price history graph and I've purchased them at close to or the lowest price they've been since being available.
    I also see on the year/3 months price history graphs players who have been introduced but their price has only gone down, can someone explain how this works please? Thanks in advance.

  • @nally93 they can only go as low as the IPO price.

    This is the bottom of the lowest blue line on the graph. Most players will rise alot on IPO day so the graph will start higher than the IPO price. There have been some discussions on this in the past and some people do not agree but the commonly accepted rule is IPO price is as low as they can go.

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