Man City euro ban appeal - decision Monday - thoughts on player prices?

  • Hi all. I'm pretty new to FI so apologies if this has been dissected to death already but just seen that the verdict on Man City's appeal is due Monday and wondered:

    a) Do you think they'll get it over-turned?
    b) Do you think a failed appeal is already priced in to Man City players on FI?

  • Apparently it’s looking more likely than not to get overturned

  • @ChazFI123 I figured that would happen but i was hoping a year ban would stick.

    Chelsea need that champions league for Havertz.

  • @London-Is-Blue this is just a personal opinion and I know most wont agree, but I’d rather they were in it than Leicester, I love the champions league cause it’s the best of the best, obviously if they’ve cheated then they should be punished, but I won’t be that gutted if it gets over turned, assuming united get 4th, if not it’s a joke how has it been overturned!!

  • I would be fuming if it got overturned, given that their defense is basically yeah we did it but the only reason we got found out was because someone hacked our computers and found the smoking gun emails. Its not fair re-instate us please, would not surprise me either if a load of cash suddenly changed hands during the process either, good opportunity here for UEFA to show 1. they actually have some balls and 2. show that they are not as corrupt as Seb Blatter and the FIFA lot.

    Actually to be fair is the CAS that are making the decision but even so if city did wrong then they should get the punishment, not get of on a tecnicallity

  • @NewUser80631

    It’s a three year bet...

    If MC are not in Europe then they focus on the league with less need for rotation and will likely do very well. Lots of their players will be at the Euros and they’ll be added transfer spec if they’re not in Europe.

    I’ll admit that I’ve just clocked it’s a two year ban but might it be reduced to one?

    Will it demotivate the players? You’d like to think that they’d turn it on in the league.

    Having said that, TOTM using CL/EL multiplier could count against MC players from an FI perspective.

  • @PaulM Yeh it's a 3 year bet, but will people really be happy sitting on those shares losing out on those CL payout days, and potentially TOTM payouts? Aswell as waiting till next summer for Euro's? I can see the ban getting reduced to 1 year, but will be shocked if they get away scott free. Can see a big drop in all their players if the ban is upheld on Monday

  • If it sticks at 2 years I also wonder if Pep may be tempted with a move to Barca.

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