Reflections on the last 24hrs

  • I am in a bad mood, and most likely what ever anyone says right now about FI, I will find a negative spin to put on it 😂

    At the back of my mind however, I am still pretty confident in the port that I have put together.

    I am rattled and irritated by the decisions that FI have taken, but I would be a fool to be surprised.

    I am gonna take a few days out, leave my port as it is, not make any rash decisions and come back once I have calmed down and can see things a little more clearly.

    I don't want to bring negativity to the place, and that is most likely what I will bring until I feel in a better mood about things.

    I do think it'll pick up, and I do think that there is still plenty of money to be made in my port and everyone else's. I am however frustrated and very ready to vent at anyone who comes knocking, so I'm signing off for a few days until the dust settles. No drama, just for the good of the community I feel right now that I take a step back and assess, and not be too quick to make decisions and say things out loud 😂

  • There’s a difference between negativity and constructive criticism mate. Let’s face it there’s lots to criticise at the minute!

  • @Baydog very mature approach that to be fair 👏🏻 Look forward to seeing your posts in a few days 👍🏻

  • See you in a few days

  • Having been here since Feb, I can now understand how every announcement can be good for some but bad for others... or even a bit of both for us all.

    I have my frustrations but am still fighting, gonna try and enjoy it.

    See you in a few days. Come back strong!

  • Great post @Baydog. Understandably a lot of money has been pumped into the top end recently and they’ve seen their holds decrease since the announcement.

    As there is continuous football through till 2022, I think GK divs were essential, creating less uncertainty with new users, but they should have been introduced at a lot less than they have, creating a lesser impact now in my opinion.

    Not a regular poster to the forum, but I’ll also be taking a week off. This current climate outside FI requires some positivity in life and currently I don’t need to be reading endless negative comments even if they’re justified.

  • All the best @Baydog, I am going to do the same over the weekend. There’s some very experienced heads on here that are not impressed with yesterday and I think that says a lot. Have a great weekend everybody 👍🏼

  • @Baydog i know exactly how you feel

  • @Baydog

    Love it, you might as well join me in the garden, I'm doing exactly that until the dust has settled and it's all become a little clearer.

    I'm picking up a bargain or two still but not looking at anything else, it just becomes frustrating, but I believe in our port so it's just a question of time.

  • I echo the sentiment.
    Underwhelmed and a general not impressed view on the announcement .. I’m gonna have to suddenly get keeper knowledge as I never held a keeper before today.
    Frantically trying to value these new found stars of the platform is going to be arduous but necessary for the next six months. Off to read keeper passing stats and the like .... Christ I’d rather be doing the washing up but I know I gotta get with the program fast and play with the bizzare hand we have been dealt or pay the consequences sadly .

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