Real Sociedad...Whats gone wrong?

  • Up until football ceased in early March they were one of the teams of the season in La Liga.
    Since resumption and including tonight's game against Granada they have lost 5 out of 8.

    In tonight's game they had 19 attempts to 4 and somehow lose 3-2!

    They have lot's of quality especially in forward positions but something has gone badly wrong and European football next season which looked on the cards is looking far off at the moment.

    Odegaard didn't even get off the bench tonight!

  • Schalke also tanked after the break in the Bundesliga, not sure why it's affected some teams who were doing ok to this extent!

  • Possibly guilty of over rotation, I know it's a packed fixture list but they have changed personnel and formation frequently. Wouldn't surprise me if because of that they just haven't been able to find a rhythm.

  • Neither did Isak when they were 3-2 down, strange.

  • @FootballArgos Yeah this almost mirrors Schalke's form post shut down.

    But looks as though they dominated the game tonight but can't finish teams off.

    Must admit and I don't often do it but I IS Odegaard tonight as just looking like he's price is only going one way and I ain't gonna try and guess the bottom and top up.
    Will keep an eye in future as he has talent but this side is on the slide and does not look like stopping yet.

  • Strange one.
    Very decent team
    Cops del rey in their heads maybe.

  • @Gazz127

    Conversely, Zidane has attributed Madrids post lockdown run of 7 wins from 7 games to the fitness coach/physio, Gregory Dupont.

    It is interesting to see the shape of some players since the return of football. Luis Suarez looks like he has gone back to cannibalism ... tubby prick!!

    Luke Shaw doesn't look like he's put on anymore weight, which is most surprising!! 🤣

  • Been very disappointing, I only hold Oyarzabal now who scores well on the matrix and I dumped Odegaard a while back as he seemed to be more hype than substance given his price.

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