Market flowing

  • God the state of it, dead as fuck 😂

  • It is dead, I actually want to cash out my port. I'd be happy just to get back my 5g I put in. My overall port is 7 g but if I instant sold I think I'd lose money. The spreads are ridiculous and I can't market sell anything. I have no problem with football index as its a gambling platform. I think the announcement is good for the product in what is very difficult times. Its just not for me anymore.

  • I’ve tried to be optimistic but the spreads are ridiculous. I was getting numerous £1.50 players at sub £1 via ME yesterday but what good is that if I can’t sell them or if they’re not in CL/EL how will they get in TOTM?

    It’s not like that image of Salah that they showed us with bids by every penny. There’s perfectly respectable players with no bids. The market is thin and to IPO new players would only stretch it wider/thinner.

    I’m not sure that Sell Offers will make one jot of difference. It doesn’t mean that people will suddenly be bidding higher. I feel like I’m now trying to achieve loss prevention not make profit!

  • @PaulM I agree the spreads are crazy thin at the moment. People went all in on big dividend rise that obviously didn't happen and now want to bail out, I've sold some of my duds and putting some loads bids in PB performers to take advantage of the spreads. If you still have faith in the platform a month ago and saw value I feel it is still there via ME, it is just unfortunate who ever you're getting at low price another user is probably taking a big hit on.

  • Ive been here scince 2017 and every time FI bring something new to the market it crashes but then always recovers in time.You need a really thick skin to stay with FI.

  • It's not great, I agree, but it was a bit like this only about two weeks ago before the announcement that divs were going to increase. It's temporary so keep the faith and don't IS at low prices unless you really have to.

  • What on earth were they thinking.

  • The goalposts keep moving as to how to profit and most of my port in terms of cash value just keeps dropping.

    I'm keeping the faith but it is concerning as money is just going into the same players, the big dividend earners and now pretty much only goalkeepers. I keep topping up on my players who's buy price is cheaper and cheaper but unless you have an endless pot of money it's a losing battle

    The platform isn't operating anywhere near as it was before and if I was a new user I'd be confused to how you profit. Now I'm waiting on a big boom on any player in my port if I want to reinvest. I feel for those who put in hours and hours of research when having a portfolio of attacking Man Utd players and then switching them to goalkeepers would have made you easy money!

    Shall we all cash in, lose 20-30% and wait for the next announcement and see who can double their money first?

  • Same sort of outrage and disillusioned responses happened when ipds were introduced ("no longer an investment platform, just short term gambling now!" Etc).
    I was one who hated it too at first.

    But we adapt. And in the end ipds were a good addition.

    Just as TOTM and GK divs will be.

    It's just gonna take a few weeks for us all to come to terms with things and then the money will flow elsewhere besides bloody goalkeepers 😂

    All will be good in the world 😎

  • @ScouseSte I've been here 10 months so don't know life before IPDs. Cheers, keep the positive vibes flowing and I'm sure it'll all work out 😀

  • @Dave-B said in Market flowing:

    @ScouseSte I've been here 10 months so don't know life before IPDs. Cheers, keep the positive vibes flowing and I'm sure it'll all work out 😀

    I've had two meltdowns in two years mate 😀. Post IPD introduction was the first one, and then last October just before the much needed divs increase.

    So this time I can see beyond the initial downside to realise it's a great move going forward.
    2 steps back for 10 steps forward 👍

    (Lack of IS is still a concern that needs addressing though but in terms of divs on offer its a brilliant move!)

  • In my opinion the spreads are so big due to the current pandemic. If they shrink then people may just bail out. In an ideal world if they want the sub £1 market to be relevant again spreads need to be much closer. For example if a player is worth 80p then no bids below 60p would be more realistic. I myself have money tied up in Vinagre and Kouame who were both on paper over 30p up before ME. If I were to sell now I would probably break even. I think FI probably know this market is pretty much dead at the minute but I struggle to see what they can do. I’m just holding on and not selling Januzai for 38p when I bought him for 68p!

  • We saw the same thing 3 months ago when the only players worth anything, or tradeable, were the MB players and there was outrage cos the spreads were so severe on others and IS disabled.

    COVID was FI's fault. Their correct and vindicated decision to protect the market and all of us by stopping IS was them 'shafting' traders. I recall things became so heated that everyones favourite pantomime villain @Ericali (remember when he was the bad guy 😂) was actually invited to discuss matters in a pub car park somewhere in the Midlands by a fellow trader at one stage.

    Ok this current gripe is of FI's own making, where the previous one was in reaction to COVID. But then like now, those who saw the blindingly obvious and acted on it are doing well again.

    Those PB holds that were fucked in March and April have ALL had their time in the sun since the re-start. Those who were screaming blue murder will have either taken the opportunity to sell, or continued to hold as the players were valuable again.

    It was a cycle. This is a cycle. Some react, some dont. Those who do will pretty much always be upwardly mobile. Those who dont, will have periods of stagnation and periods of profitability with the over-arching trend being upwards.

    Either is fine, but if you choose not to act; and it is a choice because these things tend to be blindingly obvious; then you need to be prepared to sit on your hands in the stagnant moments.

    Alison is never gonna be the king of the index. The most high profile will reach maybe £4-£5, the rest will settle at £1.50-£2.50, and then suddenly Kimmich and Trent will look insane value. Theyll probably hit £7 and £13 respectively, this will then filter down to Goretzka and Halstenberg, then Pogba will look insane value.

    Just chill out man, you're all traders, Christ


  • I agree with what your saying about cycles @MickTurbo. With the massive rise in the premium holds, youth players and now GK’s the £1-£3 bracket is full of undervalued players and thats where my moneys going. I’m underwhelmed by the div increases but having slept on it a few days theres still great value out there.

  • @CJ0101 I think this is a massive opportunity. I'm not dressing it up as a masterstroke by FI, it isnt, the timing wasnt right, but its here and that's that. Theres 90 odd opportunities staring ppl right in the face here

  • Imagine if a new trader put money into FI now;

    GK, DEF, MID & FOR all can win PB dividends and not just the expensive players win them

    There is a team of the month for top players that might not win PB so their value stays

    The top players or top performers win MB (usually)

    I have IPDs as a bonus in the first 30 days of owning any player

    There are regular promotions

    I mean really, what isn't there to like and get excited about?! I have made about 10% back in dividends alone in my first 6 months, where the hell else am I (with no real knowledge of the stock market etc) going to do that?!

    I love FI!! I'm not Adam Cole...:)

  • @MickTurbo Agreed, I’m still gonna deposit next time I get paid, still should be relatively easy to get a good yield over the next season.

  • @osmanlao said in Market flowing:

    Ive been here scince 2017 and every time FI bring something new to the market it crashes but then always recovers in time.You need a really thick skin to stay with FI.

    Please read this👆Everyone needs to chill out. Talking about selling your portfolio at a loss is ridiculous. This has happened all before. Every time FI doesn't appear to be an instant money tree every talks about selling up and leaving. In 6 months everyone will wonder what the panic was all about.

  • It's once again flipped back to a buyer's market for everything but keepers. 'ME' means that traders set the price and those with liquid funds will be ruthless as they know other traders are looking to exit holds that are perceived to be devalued after the divs announcement.

    ME won't be here forever, while it is your going to see very tight spreads when the market it flying and some god awful ones while it's stagnant like now. Everyone will make thier own choices on what to do but I'd think very hard about the long term picture before making a quick decision about selling up at a loss.

  • Something has to give here. The spreads are too big for people to sell. The small amount of money in circulation in stuck on low bids. I reckon there are a lot like me that wouldn't mind shifting some money around, but refuse to sell at these losses. I wonder if the buyers will give up and bid higher, or the sellers will cave in.

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