Harry Kane

  • With a mix of the Mourinho effect and with him traditionally being a slow starter to the season it hasn’t really been the best recent times for Kane. Still think he’s a top goal scorer but does he end up sub £5 before October?

  • @Ryan10

    I think that Harry Kane is dead.

    FI are applying the multiplier in CL/EL to TOTM so if Kane is at Spurs and they’re not in Europe, with the current bidding situation, I think he’s (We’re!) in trouble. Hope for some media etc come Euros.

    I’m very concerned for players that aren’t in Europe. Don’t think being England captain saves him on this platform at the moment. Hope I’m wrong!

  • @Ryan10 can't see him dropping anywhere near that, but if he does would be a great time to buy. He's always returned decent dividends, will often be in the hunt for PB due to his goals alone, transfer spec if things stagnate at Spurs and England captain going into the Euros to boot. He is 100% the hold I am most confident about.

  • Banned

    England captain
    Transfer coming up
    Not happy with manager
    Not playing well
    Has returned 75p in divs this season. That is 11%.
    Has everything going for him.

    Keeps dropping.
    That is how badly FI have fucked up.
    IF they can get the money out of the shit players and moving around the market again, and instil some confidence, he hits £9. If they do nothing, he hits £5 and everyone else keeps dropping.

    The ONLY way the market reverses is if they get the money trapped in players, out of those players.
    Without that, its fucked, because they killed consumer confidence and no-one is putting any new money in.

  • @Ryan10 got agree he is more of a risk at the moment, I canr imagine Kane will be happy being out the champions league, so maybe there is a summer transfer saga brewing? Shame that young Greenwood is doing so well or the rumors of a move to utd would have already resurfaced

  • @MrWh1te so where do you see this going then? I'm not 100% happy with the decision but I seem to be reading 9/10 messages like this so based on what you are saying now if FI do nothing all our money is lost and the ondex is ruined. So are you taking yours out or seeing what happens?

  • For what its worth I also keep seeing messages from people who say its impossible to sell to market whereas I'm selling to market every day. Maybe I have a little patience, or maybe people are trying to create panic to get people to sell on the cheap. I dont really know i just find all this negative doom and gloom a bit boring. I still believe in 12 months my portfolio will be worth significantly more than it is now.

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    @Stevo I tried taking mine out. No-one selling so people in sell queue (for over a month).
    I have removed Kane from sell queue, im not selling so low.

    I had managed to free up £1400 over the past month but then went and put it on Kimmich after the announcement and we have all seen how that worked out (not helped that I wanted to list him back for sale but site crashed and fucked me over).

    So I really have no option now but to sit tight and hope FI sort it out, because as it stands, im fucked.

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    @Stevo Yeah I keep seeing people say they sell to market.


    1. They are lying (im some cases)
    2. Sell to market is broke and they are jumping the queue or
    3. I am a terrible trader.

  • @MrWh1te selling to market is definitely slower than it's ever been but I've had a few go through. I've had a couple listed for about 3 months though and no joy. The thing is, on those players the price has dipped a few pence during that time, so more people must be listing but they are wasting their time as they are going to be so far back, all they are doing is creating a further drop.

    I'm intending to leave those I already have in the sell queue, but I won't be adding any others until they see a spike. Otherwise, best just to keep an eye on the IS price and accept when the better offers come in.

    On the plus side, had a divi win last night on a player I've got in the queue so not always a bad thing when it's slow!

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    I got divs for Salah and kroos last few days. Fuck knows how far I am in the queue, but surely it cant be long now?

  • @MrWh1te wrote you a nice long reply with reasons it will be fine for both, but my damn phone froze and I can't retype it all!

    In short though, I hold Salah and think he's good value at that price. Kroos more of a risk, but reckon TOTM will help both.

  • Banned

    I agree and I ahve confidence in both (and all of my holds). Which is why it is so worrying that they wont sell.

    Its not like i have a port of 30p shit players

  • Useless lump has failed to score in August again......

  • @Kipper72 haha got to start the season with a bang now that he hasn't got the August hoodoo!

  • I think he will have an excellent season personally. If Spurs don't make Champions League I honestly think he leaves next summer after the Euros.

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