• Do people think Otamendi will begin to rise again? He's dropped like a stone recently.

  • It might be more helpful if you suggested why you think he could rise again.

    This will help you to formulate you strategy in the long run.

  • Well - I suppose he has the world cup coming up and has always been great for PB too. He was the most expensive defender a few weeks ago

  • Not exactly dropped loads over the 6 months mind. I'm real hesitant when it comes to defenders.

    Pep loves to spend money. He maybe a replaced next year who knows

  • With there being only a handful of league games left, City not being in CL and Pep possibly playing youngsters in the remaining games the price drop makes total sense. Up to debate if the WC can push him back to where he was, hard to say.

  • Argentina don't build from the back the way Man City do, so will he get as many accurate short passes? And how will they do for clean sheets? Not well if the Spain games anything to go by. I don't think he'll do well during the world cup but that's just my opinion.

  • My opinion.

    He's a defender - don't have the same appreciation in value.

    Mancity has won so likely to be rested or alongside backup players

    Argentina not the most defense oriented teams.

    They will concede in WC.

    His price will likely drift.

    Therefore I would watch list and see how it plays out and jump on any momentum.

    Just an opinion

  • I think the bigger picture (ie post WC) suggests that Otamendi's value will rise as his PB scores for City will more often then not be high. Which will attract buyers driving up his price.. My only concern would be his age at 30 and is there any other value to him than simply PB?

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