Don't Panic! Don't Panic!

  • Forget about money tied up in players with large spreads in the middle/lower PB end of the market because John Hunt has gone on a Rashford buying spree!

    That will sort that lack of liquidity out!


  • something fishy why is he not bidding and getting them cheaper

  • That's a great point. Think of all those traders getting a good cash balance out of the blue right now. I'm probably gonna see my keepers rocket even further. Then its just a game of cat and mouse as to when I load up on some more mid/lower end Def/Mid/Fwd's with all my nice big profits. The very definition of liquidity! Great spot @Dronny-Gaz 👍

  • @Dronny-Gaz He did exactly the same last night with Rashford. He must have put in a load and it's crazy he didn't put bids in because he'd have saved so much too

  • @Barkez_86
    Keep it to yourself, but I think John Hunt is one of these 'fabled market makers' we have heard spoke about.
    Manipulating the top end of the market to encourage buys in Goalkeepers perhaps?
    Or allowing traders to bail out and run for the hills? 😵

  • At least it's not Mike Hunt.

  • What a sorry state. Two days after a dividend increase and FI are buying premiums to alleviate the sell queues.

  • @MickTurbo
    No problem mate. I have also been basking in the GK glow.
    However, if I see that something is wrong I feel the need to speak out. If it doesn't affect our portfolio today, it may do tomorrow. 👍

  • @Mr-Atouba or did FI come to the conclusion that there were too many shares in existence of premium players to raise the divs too much, and are now stocking up on shares before Nasdaq order books/next div increase? I don't no anything about market makers just a thought though.

  • @Dronny-Gaz Meret and Casteels are 2 more on my radar 👍, I only put my spare change into Kepa and got a very quick 35ish% so flipped my 80 of him just now and topped up on schmeichel ahead of leicesters trip to woeful bournemouth tomorrow, that should see him get some attention.

    I just find it ironic that people were asking where the market makers were and when they were coming. There seems to be some sense that this john hunt and the other one just market buying rather than bidding is somehow dodgy. I've seen it called 'typically idiosyncratic' but they are actually giving holders the full market price rather than a decent IS price.

    It just seems like they're engineering liquidity but because it's not as envisioned, people have got the hump. Like they want to make loads of money but only in their specific and idealistic way, and being forced to make 30% or 50% or more on a keeper over night is some kind of encumberance brought on them by FI.

    Each to their own, I just play the game as I see it

  • You sometimes have to play what's put in front of you. 👍
    There will always be trading activity on big holds like Kane/Rashford etc. Surely that end of the market will take care of itself.
    I would have thought it was the areas of the market with excessive spreads or no bids at all that would have needed a boost.
    This would release funds and encourage trading.
    I would love to trade more but I'm tied into holds at this moment in time.
    They will come good, but it's put me off lumping more in until I see which way things go.

  • @Dronny-Gaz to be honest, if that fella had just bought a load of Kane and rash off me I'd be looking at the mid to lower priced PB players now. The money I've got in keepers is sufficient and 1 will just be flipped into another building me a big cash pot, so I'd be looking elsewhere, there are extremely attractive prices out there that are gonna start shooting up once keepers reach a price which reflects their new and enhanced value. Just another trend

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