Caleb, John and the gang

  • Why don’t FI just put buy orders on players at 10% under the buy price rather than ploughing Werner, Rashford, Kane, Tanganga and the like?
    Take a margin, no guaranteed IS offer to overexpose themselves, get the market moving. Doesn’t it make more sense?
    Or am I away with those things that sit on Christmas trees?

  • Or just bring in sell orders 🤷🏽‍♂️
    Ideally before putting the market upside down 😁

  • @Mr-Atouba presumably it makes the market more liquid to fulfil people's trades that are currently in the sell queues, with the idea that they'll then re-invest the money back into the market. I brought this up recently in my market maker thread as I wasn't sure how it fit into the narrative that "FI have completely derisked by removing their IS".

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    FI arent Caleb etc

    IF caleb etc are market movers, then it is a company contracted by FI. They get extra info on the state of the market (like depth etc) and spend there money where they wish, under some parameters.

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    If FI bring in sell orders now, its effectively the end of FI and they know it.

    They MUST be holding something back for it, bonus' or whatever, I cant see any other way they can rescue this now.

  • @MrWh1te its not the end of FI at all if they bring in sell orders 😅 those sell orders still need to be matched and if their being matched thats means people are buying. I dont know what will show as the value, mid range, current buy price not sure. Its certainly not the end of FI 🤣🤣

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    It is a credible venture. They know this, they have the figures to hand.

    There is NO way they have coded the buy part of the ME and not the sell part. That isn't credible. It is all there ready for release when they are ready.
    Also, note the question in the survey that basically asked if they should release the sell part or leave it as it is.

    Why do you think they haven't released it yet? It isn't for a coding reason.

  • @MrWh1te i don't care about coding 🤣 or whats ready, what's not. Im just arguing its not the end of FI, which you just stated. You dont like people jumping down your throat and then you go say something like that. i couldn't tell you why there is a delay. I expect theres people wanting to withdraw, leave etc.... but if they put in a sell order it needs matching which it turns means people are buying! Theres plenty of money stuck in bids waiting to go. People have made so much money here its ridiculous, it may get harder but so be it, and comms need to be 100% better, maybe need to interact with their customer base more but its certainly not the end at all!

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    The coding is critical, it tells a whole story.

    Yes there is plenty of money in bids, so much so that EJ, a self-confessed FI-aholic begged people not to use ME.

    FI HAVE to get that money out of the low players and they HAVE to regain credibility.

    When I talked of why I was selling up, it was because it was risking big money to win a small amount. That is now coming true, as predicted. Making money is all very well, but it is no good if you can't sell and realise those profits.

    In more positive news:

    It appears from their actions that FI have no money (shit divs, clawing back overpayments etc).
    It also appears that from their actions FI have a lot of money (not needing to pay out on IS etc).

    So from that, I deduce that they HAVE money and are waiting to go HUGE when the time is right.

  • @MrWh1te I'm not sure any of what you just said means the end of FI though........

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    I didnt say the end of FI.

    I said the end of FI as a credible venture.

    It will still have a core following, but more and more we see people arent willing to risk pounds to win pence and that is how it is going. Prices could crash and people will leave. Then it will end up the same as betfair which used to be a credible way to make money and is now just a bot-sink.

  • @MrWh1te
    the way i see it and its difficult to predict but when sell orders come in the top value will reduce slightly, and ther will be a stand off, slowly both sides move closer but if new users are joining and users have money to spend then a nice promotion to kick start fomo and things will accelerate.

    they could reduce bids to 30%...hopefully they discuss this on figcast whenever its out

  • @MrWh1te
    No it’s not.
    You’re totally wrong as usual..
    It won’t be the end of FI. It will increase liquidity.
    If you can’t see that then you’re deluded.

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    @kaka8 I hope you are right.

    And I wouldnt trust fig for info, he is balls deep and needs to give off a positive vibe. I was shocked he was so negative in his other one on annoucement day but dont epect that to continue

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    Increased liquidity = less profit.

  • @MrWh1te
    fig was alright.. it was panda who was a mess,

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    haha yeah I will give you that :p

  • @MrWh1te said in Caleb, John and the gang:

    If FI bring in sell orders now, its effectively the end of FI and they know it.

    I'll just leave this here, you didn't say credible venture at all.
    They've made mistakes in places, in others the right move. You can't compare to betfair as its a completely different platform. People will make plenty of money here in the years to come there may just need a tad more patience in certain areas.

  • @MrWh1te
    I’m sure sell orders will be higher than just buy orders.
    So I’m happy for them to come in but you’re saying it will be the end of FI.

    I’ll put a wager on that it won’t be.

  • What gets me the most about FI right now is that I don't understand the reasoning behind introducing GK at this moment in time.

    All it has done is take money away from the market. Money that would otherwise be traded amongst ourselves.

    So it begs the question.. Why did they do it???

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