soo, what's your thoughts?

  • Max Meyer is really good, he is now again being linked to Arsenal and he sure fits their fooball vision. He is currently at 1.84. do you think he will rise?

    I can't help but think the price for Griezmann at 5.55 is pretty ok. With a WC coming up, he is still in the EL and him being linked to Barcelona. Man United will definitely be linked to him closer to the summer as well. i can see him rise to about 6.20, there is a nice profit there.

    As for Julian Weigl, he is being linked to both Man City and Barcelona. At a cost of 1.30 i find it being a decent investment.

    Saul Niguez, still in the EL and probably going to WC at 1.84 being linked with transfers as well.

  • I’d be careful with links to Arsenal, now with Wenger leaving because the new manager will probs want their own players. Griezeman is fairly certain for Barcelona so I would hold a lot of speculation, but I’d expect his price to rise from what it is. France have a good shout for the WC and he’ll be spearheading their team

  • @FranklynMary Griezmann, I would suggest is the biggest risk, with his transfer being pretty much agreed, EL/Wc propping his price up before he drops to arounds PC, PB obviously will make an impact but, really cant see any raise. your other picks though cant fault.

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