FOOTBALL INDEX WEEKLY Podcast Guest Announcement 🎙

  • The eagle eyed among you will notice the new name, I have changed from HWAH to Football Index Weekly this week!

    Tomorrow I’m recording with @BarbayanBrawler for Monday’s episode... 🚀💥

    ▪️18 months active 📈
    ▪️Constantly adopting strategy
    ▪️Optimistic but cautious on FI future 👀

    Post some topics/Q’s for us below and we’ll try get around to them 🙌🏼

    Hey john. Loving the pods mate, especially the ones with random guests. They are a good listen and a bit different to the norm.


    What do you think of FI extending the period of no commission on bids?

  • @Monty Cheers bud, recording in an hour and will 100% ask!

    Hey john great work mate, if you can ask if the insiders at FI had the foresight to identify the shift in the market in the div announcement. Ie the newly constructed div yield for goalkeepers and its negative knock on in relative value to all other assets on the platform. I’m betting they didn’t anticipate that properly !
    How are they going to address this in the short term if all others divs are fixed for now ....🤔?

  • @BMCG Well mate, sorry but i've just seen this and we have already recorded. Thanks for the engagement though! Next time!

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