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  • Hi there, very new to the index. Was monitoring how much Greenwood's shares shot up when he scored midweek. Due to this I was looking to add sterling to my shares due to the games man city have coming up, he may score/assist Alot, he scored a hattrick yesterday yet his shares didn't move much at all during the game yet his shares are near half greenwood's...
    Is there a reason for this is is age the main factor as I can't think of anything else.

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    The index is broke atm, there is a lot of money trapped in low price players and not many people are buying.
    We are, I guess, waiting on FI to do something to get it going again.

  • @NewUser634393 several reasons I suspect. The media seem to love Greenwood, so he's looking like returning more dividends. The fact he's a young prospect at a club like Man U is doing wonders for his hype. The more he delivers on that hype, the more his price will grow as people worry about missing out on the next big thing.

    Sterling is a known commodity, so won't experience such large increases on one off games at his price (whereas a cheaper player like Antonio will rocket on just one good game).

    Of the two, Greenwood is more likely to make you quick profits, but he's also the one more likely to leave you in the red if there's a dip in form. At their current values, I think Sterling is the better/safer purchase, but another goal by Greenwood in his next game will make this look a ridiculous statement!

  • I think people might be waiting on the ruling on monday, if that comes back positive i think his price picks up a bit.

  • The CL ban must be playing a part.

    Greenwood is the next big thing, but looks very likely to have some kind of European football next season.

    With MOTM coming in, and the multiplier for EL/CL games, IF City's ban is not overturned there is less value.

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