I know a lot people were worried Bernard was going to Turkey.
    Here is the latest news

  • yep, there has been some talks in the the Ukrainian newspapers about his transfers to clubs in the top leagues as well!

  • I read he had a pre-agreement with Inter? Not much buzz around him if he signs for Milan i expect but he maybe a PB hold? I question if he scores enough though?

  • I think there will be some talks around him closer to summer. i also think that it's a nice investment, he is a good player and can deliver some great creativity.

  • Haven't seen or heard anything about Inter.
    Do you have a link at all?

  • It was on the live feed of Marca yesterday.. Some reports contradict it though? Think they say AC are favourites? Chelsea & Arsenal also rumoured?If an EPL club get in he'll sky rocket!!

  • @dannypea i have read some about Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Milan in the race for him as his price tag isn't that high.

  • I don't think Arsenal / Chelsea links are worth the paper they're written on given likely managerial changes....

  • @playingcards1 you got a point there! His links are for the most part to Milan.

    Mahrez is one player i think is bound to go higher than he is now (2.42). He wasn't happy about not leaving Leichester last window and would be a great player for any top PL club

  • either way, he's a are transfer so you know the move has to happen, so he's a safe bet to move, unlike the 100s od random reports linking random players to all the top clubs and you know most wont move, Bernard will move, we also know The premiership can offer better wages than anyone in Europe so if anyone wants him in England they will get him, worse case scenario he moves to Italy, hes still a £1.40 player maybe a lot more when season starts depending his PB scores

  • @playingcards1 said in Bernard:

    I don't think Arsenal / Chelsea links are worth the paper they're written on given likely managerial changes....

    No to a degree, however well all know at a lot of clubs more so Chelsea is not the manger that has the final sedition always, football is a business, if they see this as a good investment they will move for him regardless, also am sure any new manger lined up will be in talks on the quiet of who his targets are, they probably have a manger lined up already, just to announced it, they cant wait to the last week fo the window to get there transfer business done. But i know what your saying it is a valid point.

  • @SMacFI

    I only have 20 of him however the logic of him wanting to leave a great Ukrainian club must be financial or to test himself his agents already come out and said he will listen to offers for the top 5 leagues... he’s on 45,000,000 euros a year I think it is at Shackter No Turkish club and beat that and Italian clubs can’t go above £110k a week for anyone... he’s a free agent and he’s too young for China so EPL is a good possibility ... but in thiory for me it’s anyone’s guess where he will go but he’s a good player and he will be wanting 100k a week play wherever he ends up!!!

  • @Chicken-Badge he's definitely not on 45 million a year lol 4.5 million euros or £75k a week and plenty of players in Italy on way more than 115k juventus have a few on over 200k a week. Maybe u need some new news sources😋

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