Matchday Thread 12/7/20

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    Neves, Emi Martinez, Ceballos, Schmeichel, Luca Pell, Pulgar, Sepe and Vaclik for me today. Hoping for some clean sheet IPD's, other than that Pulgar is probably my best shout

  • @MickTurbo said in Matchday Thread 12/7/20:

    Emi Martinez, Schmeichel, Sepe and Vaclik

    As a long time advocate of GK's, often nearly as a lone voice representing the "worthless", I just love the way everyone is now cheering on GK's!!

  • @Geronimo159387 I take it you were stacked pre-announcement? That must have been some feeling, reading the announcement I bet! Which do u hold?

  • @MickTurbo said in Matchday Thread 12/7/20:

    I take it you were stacked pre-announcement?

    Ironically I had sold off quite a lot as part of my regular recycling process & was slowly building back up via ME, whilst slow they were a fraction of the MB price, so the announcement rather screwed me over. I was concentrating all my funds on buying the bargain basement outfield players currently available, as noone ever wants GK's so I could buy them back at similar prices in the next few months ready for the new season, didn't quite work out as planned.

    I still have a few starters & young prospects that I hadn't got round to shifting but if I had been at my usual capacity I would have made an absolute killing!

  • @Geronimo159387 nightmare man. Have u loaded back up? If I had believed in GKs like that, I reckon.the old FOMO would have forced my hand pre-announcement! They're still a goldmine now though, but that's frustrating. Nearly as frustrating as seeing Gaby Jesus number go up on the 4th officials board last night 🤬😂

  • @MickTurbo said in Matchday Thread 12/7/20:

    Have u loaded back up?

    Not yet, I tend to be a contrarian buyer, so whilst everyone is driving their price higher I've sold a few smaller holds into that demand & placed ridiculously low bids on outfielders who are being IS'd to fund GK buying. Picked up 150 Antonio at 25p that way & quite a chunk of Pique at 30p, so quite happy to miss some of the GK rise & collect good dividends elsewhere. Antonio has nearly paid for himself in dividends from just yesterday!

    I will certainly buy for the new season but I fully expect plenty of ME bargains as impatient holders realise their new category wins don't start until next season.

  • MB will be interesting today, if Villa and Bournemouth don't get a win that will surley mean relegation with only 3 games left. You'd also imagine an event from the spurs Vs Arsenal game will score highly.

    PB wise I've got several involved today but could do with Jota from Wolves putting in a performance.

  • Only a few today, mostly Wolves so hoping they get a good result and performance. Coady, Dendoncker, Moutinho, Alderweireld, Parejo and Suso?. Also late to the GK party with 15 Patricio from last night's IPD's. Looking at that best PB chance would be Parejo or Moutinho.

    Today two free to air games on Pick.
    Wolves/Everton and Bournemouth/Leicester.

    Good luck all 👍.

  • On a already sparse day my second biggest hold of the day, plus my biggest IPD hold and best chance of dividends, Moutinho, starts on the bench. Come on Dendoncker!! (today's biggest hold).

  • Coady, Jimemez, cabellos and paqueta🤞 are my main holds for today.

  • Podence starts for the first time (Not on FI), Neto is a special player - hoping he performs. Not bad having Moutinho, Jota and Adama on the bench for the 2nd half.

  • Podence looks a great player, great skill to win the Penalty.

  • Great early score from Ruben Neves, but already under threat from some absolute cretin from Eibar

  • Wolves have been flaccid and Everton generally a bit tighter at the back ... so 3-0 as expected.

    Nice to see a footy thread as well btw, keep up the good work Mick 🙌🏼

  • @MickTurbo said in Matchday Thread 12/7/20:

    Great early score from Ruben Neves, but already under threat from some absolute cretin from Eibar

    Especially impressive given that he only got 1 assist, his base score must be close to 200

  • Looks like Wilf Zaha has got MB sewn up for today (at least) - subjected to racist abuse online. Assuming that doesn’t get removed of course!

  • @MickTurbo said in Matchday Thread 12/7/20:

    Great early score from Ruben Neves, but already under threat from some absolute cretin from Eibar

    “Absolute cretin” made me laugh, glad it’s not just me that gets wildly angry following PB scores 😂

    Good to see Neves hold off the cretin and set a decent bar on the scores today.

  • @Coleyscrooge Yes, that made me audibly snort when I read that. Pure rage 😂

  • There once was a day that I held 5000 Trezeguet at 25p... Finally he comes good..Saw a raft of people buying and just sat there thinking, who on earth is going to buy those shares back if they get relegated?!

  • @Coleyscrooge

    Haha if he gets pipped he gets pipped, the real sickened is when you've got a FWD on 223 after an hour and gets hooked like Jesus last night 🤬

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