'ME' bids below the price range.

  • Came across the below in a few players recently, other one being Countinho. How could it happen?



  • @DW
    They said the bid range is a 'guide' and not set in stone.

  • The sell price displayed is the average bid price across all bids.
    When you click sell you then see the highest bid someone has made.
    Obviously you can only see this if you own shares in the player.
    That’s how I understand it anyway 👍

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks for quick replies guys, but seem to be missing something. How was a bid of £1.60 made when Loftus Cheek is at his lowest price since 'ME' was launched? Yet I can only make a bid of £1.78 on what is still his lowest market price since 'ME' launched? Did FI change the range?

  • @DW
    Yes the range changes

  • Basically FI change the range whenever they want.

    It was meant to be 60% (minimum) of buy price. Then customer services told me it was 40%. Now I have some players with bids as low as 32%.

    They could put a stop to this race to the bottom if they wanted. But imposing a strict say 70% minimum could just highlight the massive lack of liquidity in the market, as thousands of players would be left with no bid. That or buyers would just increase their bids to the minimum 70% level and the balance between buyer and seller would be better and the market healthier.

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