Rayan Cherki

  • Many players have seen a drop in value in the last few days due to the new dividend structure im just after some advise from the experience members on here.
    Do i keep or sell Cherki & take the profits?
    What price do you see him at this time next year? Iv always thought he can be a £8+ player
    Any help would be appreciated

  • Now that you have bought, you should hold at least a year I would of thought. You’ve got to be patient with these youngsters. He’s only 16. There will points in the future where things will stagnate- it’s bound to happen when he’s that young. He looks like a talent tho. And likely to get some good game time this season with many players leaving Lyon. Don’t hold but keeping an eye. He’s too overheated for me at the moment but will jump on if he drops to low £4.

  • Whether or not I agree with a 16 year old being more expensive than Kimmich and De Bruyne, when he scores his first league goal his price is probably going to skyrocket even more!🤷‍♂️

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