Wilfred Zaha

  • I am a big fan and previously have held, but not at the moment. But see a potential coming, looks like a sell off coming today/tomorrow with news he is staying at Palace - holders brace yourself.

    But will he always remain at Palace, surely not - maybe next Summer a big 4 club move.

    Invest yes, but when? When lower.. (probably at next injury, next year when at Palace) and sit for a return to form and the move.

    As for today (get out early?) and watch the carnage... who knows? Watch him rise a £1 probably..

  • sold him at £2.40 and see he has gone down. Sancho has had a big rise today, at bloody last.

  • @Joking can't see that stopping should be 2.50 if people like foden are

  • @Joking
    Held Sancho for ages at 10p loss eventually lost patience and took a hit to invest elsewhere what happens rises nearly 50p. Done the same with Foden. 🙈. Lesson learnt, be patient and trust your reasons for buying

  • @NewUser45842 do you have a strategy???? Anyone investing in these two players would need to have in the back of their mind nothing might happen for 2/3 years.... if you hold and they become as good as they say they are then you win big... If you want quick flips try the form guide and those playing regularly.... Always a gamble to take a teenager and expect to turn that into profit within a couple of months of them IPO'ing?

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