Buzz dividend deadlines

  • Please can someone clarify the buzz dividend deadline?

    In the game rules it states:

    'The Dividend Deadline is midnight (12:00am London time) of the previous day (i.e. a Share is only eligible for a Dividend after you have owned that Share for 24 hours). '

    So, if I own 10 futures in Pogba on Friday, and then buy another 10 in him on Saturday and then he goes and destroys the competition on a Saturday afternoon to take the performance buzz, I take it that I will only be paid at a rate of 10 shares, as those from the Friday are eligible but those from Saturday are not.

    But then when I've purchased futures, I'm sure a box pops up to say something about a 2pm deadline. Also tomstipoftheday is always recommending players for a performance buzz that evening, but why would he do that if it were too late to secure dividends that evening?

    Thanks in advance for your help 👍

  • Not 100% sure on the question, if you buy any player before 14:00PM on the day he is eligible for both MB+PB.

    At the end of each day midnight the winning scores in each category are then enforced and dividends are paid out sometime in the early morning this seems to be getting later and later.

    Hope this helps

  • @NewUser140772 a few of the rules have changed since they were written. The old deadline was 12pm the night before. It has changed to 2pm now so any shares bought before this are eligible but the rules don't reflect this.

    There are a few rules that need updating. Not sure if it's a deliberate thing to leave them so they could change back (unlikely) or just someone not going back and updating the rules.

    In your senario as long as you bought the extra 10 pogba before 2pm then you would get paid for all 20. This is why you see players shoot up if they get an early goal in a 1230 kick off like Rashford Vs Liverpool.

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