Now my Euro and World Cup Port is built

  • I'm gonna stop looking at it as much as for as positive a person that I am, watching it slowly creep down from say 39.70% up to 36.20% up this morning, and then a quick refresh to show 36.18% its doing my nut in.

    Having been on the dex for a year and a bit now, I have seen and felt the reactions to the prom's, div changes etc - but this time round it just 'feels' a little different.

    I have made the changes to my port I feel are right, I have done what I feel will make me money and tried to look at the positive actions I can take to keep making slight profit.

    But seeing it slowly leak away is heart-breaking. Granted I have to take my premium holds out later in the year when my house is built, and luckly the money is just for 'stuff' to go into the house so its not that the money I am playing with is 'needed' as such (it it was for the builders etc, then yeah, but I can live with taking the old furniture if the dex went tits up).

    It used to be so much fun did FI, I think im having my first 'real' wobble as to investing more - and I have to admit I have had my head turned by another company out there (not FS) and its all shiny and new and its ok.....has teething problems like FI does, at times peak traffic makes the site slow.

    I dunno....just wanted to pour my heart out a little to my fellow traders.....its all going to be ok isn't it??? Tell me once this season is over and the new seasons start it will be good again.

    And for those that it is good for, cool beans, I want it to be good again for me.

    Gonna go and eat cake......

  • Yeah, it just feels flat, my port has been dropping slowly since the announcement!
    However, its still up on where it was a week or so before the new divs 🤷‍♂️
    On the plus side my port is set up for divs (by a div...😆) so as long as in 3 years time it hasn't dropped below what I paid then I'm happy!

  • I wish tomorrow was 1st Sept mate

    All the leagues on the go, CL and EL early rounds, possibility of some National friendlies, and of course GK PB and the hopeful icing on the cake.....full order books.

  • @Millerman I think its understandable to have a wobble mate. I've got quite a lot of money tied up in this and the scary bit is the thought of whether ill be able to take it back out at some point. I understand its gambling etc and I also understand that FI is a business that is trying to get through the economic effects of Covid like all others.

    If anything although I'm still happy having my money in here they do seem to have missed an opportunity to get things moving again which I find frustrating. I'm keen to know if the people making these decisions are reading the comments on here and decided in whether further action is needed?

    I get that they have now totally derisked themselves but surely they want to keep as many punters happy as possible?

    I dont want to be negative. I've had so much fun using FI for over 3 years and my postfolio is worth vastly more than what I've put in but it'll leave more than a sour taste if I simply just can't sell anyone to get my money back whether thats for a decent profit or otherwise.

  • @Millerman It's too early to judge whether FI are going to deteriorate from now on. The full ME is yet to come, and then NASDAQ. FI are focused on this and have thrown a few crumbs hoping that it'll quiet the discontent, but it hasn't. They're probably working ferociously behind the scenes to get the Offers (sell orders) on board and wheel it out with pomp and fanfare to show traders that this really is the place to be and your money is safe with them.

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