PB - monitoring

  • Thank you FI for building this great and fantastic platform, its a real gamechanger. PB looks also very nice. But it would be good, if we could see whether the todays game of each of these players is finish or not. It would make it easier to monitor, because almost every league has different play times (some 13:30, 15:30, 18:30.....) . For example: I m not sure whether the, game of Mandzukic is finish or not and whether his pb points can further increase or not.

  • And another input from my side: it would also be good if we could see in the player statistics the Performence buzz points from the past few games. I think the best would be to show it in average. Because some players play more often then others. So i think that would be a great feature and makes it easier to monitor and analyse the past performence of each of this players.

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