The Purge

  • @Hotspur
    I think we are past the worst of the impact.
    I think we are still going to see drops for a while.

    The impact is what is important.

  • One thing to be optimistic about possibly...

    If/when FI introduce the sell option, will they not boot everyone out the sale queues, thus causing huge spikes in prices?

    So even if there is initially a race to the bottom as @Black-Wolf says, it won't be anywhere near as low as it could be.
    Am I right?

  • @ScouseSte of course they could only go as low as the highest bid but if that was the case then why not just accept the bid thats there. The money left in the sell queues are all people not willing to accept the low bids but given the chance to offer what they want for a player would actually force bids to rise

  • @ScouseSte they may not boot everyone out the sell queue it may just become a mass of offers listed at the current buy price and it would be up to traders to then cancel then create their new offer

  • @Black-Wolf

    I've been wondering about this - the mechanism which determines the market buy price - if the sell queue is removed how would the market buy price be determined

  • @Chap i dont think the will remove the sell queue. All those shares currently in the sell queue would just become offers listed at the current market buy price. If you wanted to offer lower you would cancel your current offer that was the sell queue and list a new offer at the price you want this would prevent a sudden mass unlisting and big spike because each trader would manually do it meaning the buy price wouldnt move too much. It may fluctuate though while offers are cancelled and relisted

  • @Black-Wolf

    That's what I'd assume too - especially if it is the hybrid type sell orders that sit with buy orders below the Market Buy/Value price.. If it is that kind of sell order set up then I really don't see there being any kind of real dip or race to the bottom etc.. All that would happen is a series of fluctuations below the market value as the buyers and sellers in the ME part compete with one another.. This should create much tighter spreads than we see now

  • @Baydog

    But you can set your sell order over the market value

  • @Chap they may not allow this as it would created larger sell queues and prevent cap app

  • @Chap said in The Purge:


    But you can set your sell order over the market value

    I doubt you'll be able to set a sell order above market value in the model that I am pretty much expecting. I think there will still be a market buy option that sets the value for the player under the existing market buy structure- then the order book aspect will be below that (as it does now with the ME, but two sets of options rather than just buy orders).. I may be completely wrong but that is the way I see it

  • do you remember that graphic they first released on order books with Mo Salah I'm almost certain their was sell points above the market buy

    @Baydog @Black-Wolf

  • @Baydog

    'the master plan takes us to fully functioning order books' sounds a bit too much like version 2) you posted in that other thread

  • @Chap yeah I remember that but it was a full fledged order book with no clear market buy price. I expect Nasdaqs system will be more like that which displayed the depth of orders. Im not sure how new shares will be issued in that format unless they are hidden amongst the orders.

    The thing that might give away new shares would be the blocks listed. If you see blocks of 600 at each price range you might be able to come to the conclusion that these are new shares as trader orders will likely be all kinds of non uniform blocks

    Like this on sportstack. I know the blocks of 401 are market makers.

  • I think IS should be offered to players without bids only. That would help them to exit out of their bets. Old IS even for a temporary period would lead to a mass exit out of the door!

  • @Chap said in The Purge:

    do you remember that graphic they first released on order books with Mo Salah I'm almost certain their was sell points above the market buy

    @Baydog @Black-Wolf

    This 👍


  • @Chap yeah I remember what im saying is that the orders above could also be the new shares issued like i showed on Sportstack. You would only spot them on their block size and thats how you would know when its an offer or a new share you are buying. I reckon the image you hav put up is how the Nasdaq platform will look. Being able to see the depth is so important.

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