Market Improvements Potentially To Be Made Before We Get Full Blown Orderbooks(Poll)

  • @Dalian-Smyth none of the above. We need offers before anything else. Its getting to the point of no return. If they dont have offers up and running soon the index will suffer long term

    Hopefully the will sweeten the introduction of offers by revising that pathetic dividend table

  • @Mr-Atouba Alot better than the majority of the spreads now then! Cheers pal

  • We need the full order books asap and the Nasdaq technology once all that is in place we have a very good product that just requires either some additional small PB dividend increases or some mass marketing to generate a large number of new users in combination with some form of generous promotion.

    Unfortunately I believe we will not see anything happen until the Nasdaq technology is ready and therefore it could be quite dull for a while as there is no point in trying to attract new punters until the product is all set to rock and roll.

  • I second @Black-Wolf albeit i dont think they're at the brink of no return, they certainly aren't helping themselves. I dont think div increase was all that bad on face of it, i know you feel differently @Black-Wolf but we now need sell orders. It will 100% stimulate the market. Some will he happy to take, maybe a certain amount below what the market price is now but arent happy to take a 50-60% hit which is fair enough. Some will want to leave, some take profits but still trade and others just genuinely want to trade. It seems like it could be going on til end of August wasn't it. Tbf its not like before where as users we can't tell if its a drop because of IS, we know its probably being listed in the queue or being IS to another user and their just putting it in the queue straight away.

  • In case no one has seen it they've just done update . sounds like poor LP001 are going to get a load of shite dumped on their doorstep 😅

  • Voted ‘Nailed it - no change required’ - final ‘nail’ in the coffin that is! 😂

  • @Sol you see the announcement mate?

  • @Shippers did i do that🤣 i sent them a tweet demanding offers about an hour before they released that road map 6-8 weeks more of this

  • @Black-Wolf imagine having that much influence! Can you just quickly tweet again and ask them for a free £1,000 as we've backed them so much 🤣

  • @Shippers 🤣🤣 ima do that now

  • @Shippers i asked i hope they comply 😂😂

  • @Black-Wolf 😆 i cant see why they wouldn't 😅

  • Ill be honest parts of the div structure I loved, like adding GKS made me very happy, TOTM is just gravy tbh, tho they should have gave PB/MB more love tbh. Other than that tho I didnt think it was to bad and showed they where building.

    My main issue and my only issue tbh is no IS or lack of "realistic" prices for for my holds.
    Robbing the queens house would require less time and planning than trying to stage a getaway from your hold nowdays.

    Granted I just seen the responce and they are taking action to help tighten the spreads, either way as long as there is some way of getting quicker access to my cash(atleast most of it)that is what this thing needs and is currently missing.

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