Iniesta out, Carles Alena In?!

  • Been tracking Carles Alena for a while and watching his progress through the Barcelona B team.

    He seems like a pretty low risk investment - currently at 80p - and yes, i have a small holding.

    Comparisons to Iniesta have been made for most of the season and now with Iniesta likely to move on, looks like Alena may get his chance to prove himself. With close to an 80% pass completion ratio, he should fit in nicely!

    He's been tearing it up in the Spain U17 and U19 teams too.

    Interested in people's opinions on this future star...
    Anyone else invested?

  • I don't see this myself. Surely Coutinho is the man they brought in to play that creative role in the middle?

    There may be room in the squad for a few youngsters Iike Alena but he's not going to tear it up as a first choice starter without some initial integration into the team.

  • Know very little about this player, but i would have to side with playingcards on this one, if he's young and at 80p he will spend most the season on the bench, not doubting his talent like you said, but I always see buying into young players with potential as a relatively high risk trade, more so down to the time you need to hold to get return, especially now, its 4 months to start of the season, that alone is a lot of stagnate cash, then, you have to wait for any length of time for him to get his chance, young player abroad doing the business already are around 80p in some cases.

  • It all depends on your investment strategy. You could argue that it's "stagnant" cash, but it isn't. He is one of Barcelona's most highly rated young talents, Iniesta himself has called for him to be integrated into the squad. He is going to be brought in for next season which will see his price rise slowly but steadily. He is also 20 years old, and like many of Barcelona's previous young talents who reach the 20 mark, he will start asking for more game time, or will look to move away. If that occurs then he will get interest from a lot of top clubs, think Thiago Alcantara, Cesc Fabregas, Gerard Pique etc... Of course he could get an injury and end his career tomorrow, but that's the risk you take. Seems like a good opportunity to me.

  • I've gotta agree with both guys. He is definitely a longer term hold if u like him, but I could definitely pick out a fair few players who will increase in price sooner in my opinion. I wouldn't say its value for money for the strategy I would use, so I would advise against him based on that.

  • Not into stagnant money myself he’s on a par with Onamah KWP or anyone else with a list of names infront of them in the squad picking process I don’t see where 80p is cheap myself I can name many many regular starters in same position much less there seems to be a culture on here to find a player google him and write up a CV and pimp him. (Not saying you’ve done that) I was impressed with Jovic (World Cup potential) Who got slaughtered by some at 57p (I don’t hold either)I think 80p is dear for a prospect who’s not a starter stook behind big name international stars

  • One thing I will say he has going for him is the small spread I don’t believe in this player and not one I will invest in however 81/79 is better than the 81/76 what’s all this about if you look at the players at his price there all either 2p or 5p spreads proper weird!!!

  • Appreciate the input from you guys - and some key points to take away from it.

    For my trading strategy, the balance between long term holds and short term flips is about 25%/25% with the other 50% being Divi payers.

    Seen Alena control matches (B team obviously) and he appears to have that something special about him - a certain presence or even arrogance about him, that his ability justifies.

    Will come back to you guys in 3 years and see if it was worth it all! :)

  • He's definitely not somebody to go big on now that's for sure. But having a small position at what is a fair price at the moment isn't a bad idea. As his stock grows you can increase you're holding in him.

    It's rarely bad to have these types of stock, whether here on footie or elsewhere to provide a reliable base to a portfolio. It's risk management really, he will pay off at some point, the stagnant cash argument is valid and fair, again it depends on your strategy.

    Yes there are a lot of other players who may or may not be better opportunities depending on your strategy. But as we are talking about Alena here I wouldn't dismiss him as a stagnant buy. He's clearly got good growth potential and a small early investment on a player like this could pay off long term.

    His price is not going to jump much this summer it's true. I guess it depends how your assets are allocated and what you have to play with. If you're looking to park a bit of cash for the long term as a support to your portfolio then he's a reasonable buy. Again all depends on strategy, with which everyone has a unique perspective, and yes I do currently hold shares in Alena but that really is neither here nor there, I don't have enough cash to influence his price, and you can't really insult somebody for researching a player they are interested in.

    As has been said there is also an opportunity to flip shares as his stock increases while retaining a steady baseline price thanks to what is currently a very fair spread fee. Obviously nobody is touting him as an mb/pb winner just yet!

  • @cjw95 - Yes, not sure he will outshine Messi yet! :)

  • I'm holding 100 myself, definitely the one to replace Iniesta long term not sure about next season though, I agree that he needs to be integrated into the side but he will definitely get games. Been watching him since he was 64p a share and consider him to be one of my best long term investments. I read that the only reason he isn't already in the first team squad regularly is down to weaknesses in the defensive side of the game, tackling, tracking back etc and which they are working on.

    Future star for sure.

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