LP1 like a kid at Xmas

  • LP1 is the first officially contracted Market Maker, tasked with reintroducing liquidity into the market, buying players (with long sales queues) to effectively deposit cash into sellers accounts. They've started with gusto early this morning hitting 1000-1500 in at least the following;

    KDB, DVB, Martinelli, Odgaard, Grealish, Kane, Cherki, Gilmour, Jesus, Camavinga

    Ironically now would be a great time to market list, should you want out of a player, as the longer the sales queue the more likely it will attract LP's attention & get some of their much needed cash. We could see a great battle of "How deep are you pockets" akin to George Soros vs Bank of England back on Black Wednesday, so if you don't need out just sit back & enjoy the drama!

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