• So I've got 18 players in my portfolio now, of which I tend to top up most, if not all every payday.

    I am (for this month only) wanting to take advantage of the ME and lower prices of players. So who is best to buy right now who will 99.9% likely to increase within the next two months?

    Any suggestions welcome no matter the price

  • @NewUser600411

    Goalkeepers ... take your pick.
    Still not too late to get on.

  • @King-Fergus I got four mate dont think I want anymore haha

  • Yeah people seem to still be topping up on GK, Ter Stegen and Alison are probably pretty safe bets and mine are still rising!
    Other than that take a look at the TOTM table, players like Ramos and Willian offer cheap returns and will probably increase in value!
    Other than that its difficult, I don't think we'll see big rises until the start of next season and maybe a deposit bonus
    Maybe look at the French and German leagues (or PSG and Bayern 😁) as they will start before the rest, down now as no football so will pick up again?

  • @NewUser600411 I only joined last week - invested 2k pre announcement in 8 outfield players. They are all dropping like stones. Post announcement I have invested 1.5k in 13 GKs, their prices are on the up continuously. I have even made profit in keepers I initially bought but changed my mind, sold for profit and bought others.

  • I held maignan at Lille for 4 months when he was 34p, sold home at 41p. Had 88 shares in him.. he keeps rising I feel sick haha

  • @NewUser600411

    Buying top end currently isn’t a buy shout if using the ME as well come out of this cycle once the new season starts.

    Or you could buy for transfer speculation, however with a shorter window the CA might not be as much as previous windows.

    Or top up on players likely to compete when foreign media opens up, got CL/EL football and score decent PB ave to push for TOTM.

    Or (what I did as funds limited) pick up players at massive discounts on ME from the £1.50-£2 bracket who will compete for PB, are young enough to be a 3 year hold. You get the instant (fake) profit figure but over time will make real cash.

  • @NewUser600411 I only bought him yesterday afternoon/evening and he is already 4p up for me.

    This is the end of the season, imagine what will happen once next season kicks off. That s why I am going into GKs while they are down and in demand, a lot of peoples funds are tied up. Luckily for me I am moving new funds across to here so can benefit without selling my loss making outfield players. I am sure they will bounce back once the season starts again as well.

  • The German & French will be first to get up & running once the PL, Seria A & La Liga shortly finish.

    They will be the players to rise. Look at the top clubs in each league & buy accordingly on who you think represents value.

  • Looks like majority is for keepers, I'll report back and let you all know who I buy.

    Thank you as ever for responses

  • @NewUser600411

    I'd follow your gut.... If you already feel you have enough keepers and want to take the ME option to get cheap players whilst still around, then do that... I have done pretty similar - about 10% keepers in my port, 10% premiums and the rest are ME purchases at 20% - 50% discount...

    My personal preference has been for players 80p - £3 from across all of the leagues... The players I have bought in the largest amounts are representing top 6 clubs in their respective leagues, under 28 years of age and have proven PB/IPD/TOTM potential... Some examples off the top of my head are Benjamin Pavard, Roben Gosens, Timothy Castagne, Exaquiel Palacios (I think he started one game for Leverkusen last season and scored 200pb without a goal or assist), Rapheal Guerro, Angel DI Maria, most of the Leipzig defence and mid (plus schick), Marquinios from PSG, Luis Alberto, some of the german young midfielders like Amiri, Neuhaus, Serdar, Harit, Rashica, Bennacer, Goretzka, Thuram, Adli, Thorgan Hazard, Bouanga, Rebic, Atal, Ziyech, Loftus-cheek, Xhaka, Terrier....

    There is value all across the market by purchasing on ME - as soon as the new season gets going I expect all of the above to be very saleable at market price, but I see them all as long holds... Hope this helps, it is not a pump, just my strategy for buying on ME and why...

  • @Baydog done something similar, albeit not in the same same volume.

    Added 7 keepers 100 in each
    One other that I’ll use divs to top up until 100 then pick another.

    Topped up all my 30p-£1 players to 300 using ME so now most in (fake) profit.

    Topped up all my £1-£2.59 players to 200 using ME

    And just let my top 10 players sit, they rise and fall in the cycles but provide the dividends to buy more keepers

  • @NewUser600411 I would suggest sticking to the 18 players you already hold and hopefully know and researched. Use ME to increase your holds and lower your average buy prices.

  • @NewUser600411 “no 1 rule of trading. To make biggest returns, don’t do what the herd is doing” And the herd is certainly ploughing into keepers at the moment. And as a result there is some criminally low prices for quality holds out there. Don’t buy hype players that may be sitting on the bench. Buy players that will be earning you divs in this solid wedge of non stop football for the next 18 months. Hyped youngsters will be the first to be sold as ppl lose patience with them, particularly if week in week out other far cheaper players are bringing home big dividends.

  • There are masses of very talented youngsters who are already playing who are a fraction of the price of some one the hype train... I am not on twitter so I make my own choices purely from research and watching too much football!

    There are quite a few opportunities in PB league forwards right now. As we saw with Antonio the other day, one big performance and that player can fly (@Geronimo159387 can tell you all about Antonio, I think he got him at 35p on ME!)... I have picked up quite a few like Josh Sergant, Martin Terrier, Dejan Jovelic, Plea, Krameric, etc etc... I have picked them up perhaps 30% below market value, and all it will take is one good performance to realise that paper profit if you have the patience to wait for that performance..

    There are a lot of opportunities across the board, and they are largely being created on ME due to the keeper boom... You could buy and flip keepers and build more of a pot to invest in others, buy others at 30% discount now that can make you 50% - 100% during next season, buy keepers and keep and probably make you 100% plus... There are also a fair few opportunities at the top end buying at discounts, but in terms of %, the savings you can make are still not as large as you can make at the lower end on ME in my opinion..

  • I stuck with my port.. slowly building it up! Cheers all

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