IPOs Monday

  • Any value in the Wolves boys?

  • @R9Kennard no one really jumps out for me but I am slightly interested in Ivan Cavaleiro. He was touted for big things a few years ago but it didn't really pan out for him although he has been in good form for Wolves this season with 9 goals and 12 Assists it just remains to be seen whether he can translate that to the Premier League. I won't be picking him up tomorrow as it will be dead money till the prem kicks off again but I'll be watching him closely in the opening weeks of next season.

  • @R9Kennard massive Wolves fan, Made money on Neves, Jota, and Boly.
    I would say it depends on your requirements.
    Short term probably not however long term

    Coady, Cav, Costa, Gibbs-White, and Mir should make decent returns....

    Coady will play for England next year
    Gibbs-White score in the U17 world Cup final and is playing regularly as a sub
    Costa, and Cav are superb players more than capable of playing for a top 6 Prem team
    Mir we beat Real Madrid for his signature, he may do ok next season, needed time to adjust this season.

  • Douglas climbing didn’t see that happening!

  • I like Coady and I 'hope' he does play for England next season because that will suggests he'll be playing well. Too early for me though as he'll surely be still under a quid come the season start??

    I think the big boys are already out? Neves, Jota & Boly all immense and could go on to big things (will any be at Wolves come August?) although I think of the remaining Cavaleiro offers best value.... Costa can be hit and miss but perhaps the EPL might suit him better so will be watching his price too?

  • @NewUser132861 So after googling a few bits. Coady looks the best bet to me, any opinions people?

  • The danger with the Wolves boys (I'm a Wolves fan) is that we can half expect the owners (Fosun) to be ruthless.

    The uncertainty of not knowing who will start our opening game makes for uncertain investment. Douglas and Doherty would be a great purchase if we knew they would start the season. I wouldn't be surprised to see us get brand new full backs in.

    I'd expect Coady to start next season has he's been immense and if he carries on the way he has played this year then talk of an international call up is a very real possibility.

    Costa and Cavaleiro are both on the Index but they are players who potentially may miss out next season on starting places and having risen to just under £1 I'd sooner put money in the already invested Neves and Jota.

    Vinagre is an exciting young player and although he hasn't featured for Wolves in the last 3 months was on some big clubs radars around October/November time.

    Roman Saiss is an interesting option. He will feature at this years World Cup for Morocco. Normally playing in defence for the national side he is marked down as a midfielder on Football Index. Whether this is a good thing or not I'm not sure. At 53p a share I've brought a few in him. In a group of Spain or Portugal it will be tough for him to progress in the knock outs but he's a very strong tackler and will be looking to make a name for himself on the big stage. There was rumours of a move to big clubs a few months ago.

    Gibbs- White is another player I admire but I have a feeling he may be loaned out next season so it may be too soon to start investing in him.

  • I will be monitoring the prices of these players in the build up to the new season but I'm gonna bide my time as I expect a drop in prices after a little investment in these players this morning.

  • Another wolves fan - personally I'm staying away from all of the IPO'd wolves players, for me there's just too much uncertainty over who will play next season, the main 2 in my opinion were Neves and Jota and obviously they are already on the index, I'll be staying away at least initially until the dust has settled on our squad I can be a bit more confident on who will be starting for us

  • Whats the deal with all the IPO players today being Wolves lads? Surely a bit of a mix of players would be better given some of the talent not currently on the index.

    Anyone know why this is?

  • @ChintzyMoon

    It's because they've been promoted. Expect similar when the two other Championship clubs have their promotion confirmed.

  • @Wolves_Ay_We I relented, and picked up 200 Coady, 64p a share was low enough for me to take a punt on someone who was been tipped to play for England

    It's hard to believe the transformation this lad has had this season, going from being a defensive midfielder that looked surplus to requirements to being chosen in the league team of the year in centre half position

  • Coady is a must in my eyes

    I'm a Huddersfield fan and he was leaps and bounds above everyone else when he was there

    64p is a bargain, expect a rise

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