OK... If Market Makers Are Coming...

  • The logic appears to be that market makers are going to tighten the spreads across the board.

    If that truly is the case.... isn't there arguably a ton of players who have been heavily neglected since the removal of IS, who will suddenly be more valuable again....

    In which case.... isn't buying them now, a little like getting in on Goalkeepers before the last announcement? Albeit, with not so astronomical short term rises.

  • @Dan-The-Man any suggestions?

  • @Dan-The-Man
    This is how I'd see it too.

    Others would say "what the f**k are you doing ploughing more money into holds you've been unable to shift for 3 months in the hope the magic market makers suddenly make them more desirable?"

    Then I'd say "its buying on the dip thus bringing my average buy price down and making the profits juicier when they bounce back"

    We traders must have that little chat with ourselves every day.
    Particularly more at this moment in time though. 😁

  • @Dan-The-Man I think lots of us have been doing this for weeks to be fair since the introduction of the ME.

  • @Dan-The-Man so do you see the premium end bouncing back or do you think the middle of the market?

  • People do seem to forget that it is usually difficult to market sell 95% of players at this point in every season and IS spreads are increased as a result of that.

    I don’t deny that FIs actions have emphasised things but even on the ‘old’ index you were looking at a massively increased IS spread on most players towards the end of the season.

    I’m confident that FI will eventually stimulate the bottom end of the market - It is certainly in their interests to do so, we have no choice but to hold out for that point.

    Just because other users are accepting low bids right now doesn’t necessarily devalue your own holds - be patient with your exit plans and time your sales with better precision than those who are selling right now.

  • @MikeWagner exactly, you only have to look at the 'ME bids accepted' thread to see the kind of players and prices targeted, some at over 50% off market price.

    When 'ME' goes and we get the next phase it's highly likely we will not be able to purchase players anywhere near as low as with 'ME' currently.

  • I will give the changes a chance, i put 15 players for sale a week ago 3 have since won PB but none sold. Its definitely worrying but i want to give the changes a chance. I thought i was index through and through but recent events have moved my attention to footstock. In its current state FS is more profitable and fun than FI.

  • @NewUser384837 said in OK... If Market Makers Are Coming...:

    In its current state FS is more profitable and fun than FI.

    These things go in cycles; I'm certain we'll look back on the currently available ME bargains as a "golden age" of FI value. FS is still several years behind FI atm.

  • @NewUser384837 There is no denying that there are big payouts available on FS. I made the mistake of looking at it as an FI style ‘investment’ platform and found out the hard way that it is nothing like it.

    I actually recovered all my £2400 loss by taking money out of there and pumping it into goalkeepers on FI (Must’ve has one of the fastest fingers after the announcement).

    I would advise adjusting your strategy if you see FS as a way to recoup your losses (if you haven’t already), and also try not to overlook the buying opportunities on FI right now if you do have funds available.

    One thing I did learn when researching into other ‘alternative’ platforms is how much of a powerhouse FI actually is in comparison.

  • I've said it a few times before on the comparison of FI vs FS.

    On FI, you can win vs the house via dividends. On FS, you can't really unless you just enter free rolls and get lucky. FS is much more about taking money from one another through more frequent interactions. There is certainly money to be made on FS but it requires much more active participation, which doesn't work for everyone.

    I have no issue with that at all and I enjoy both, but the suggestion that FS is some sort of saviour to FI is rubbish. I am convinced that many people got utterly rinsed over on FS in the big boom in April/May time, you just don't hear about those cases very regularly.

    FI is still the big boy in this arena. Personally I hope both FI and FS continue to have excellent growth and push traditional bookmakers out the picture.

  • @Chris-J yes i did something like that treated it like FI and got burnt. My journey is a bit of a crazy one on there,. I put in £40 flipped it upto £600, got greedy threw another £200 in . Then the market dipped and my port dropped to £400, its back upto £450 now.

    Im hoping some of my sell queue moves then i will reinvest from there. Im not confident enough to put more money the index at the mo though.

  • @Chris-J
    Exactly this! 👍😁

  • @Stevo said in OK... If Market Makers Are Coming...:

    @Dan-The-Man any suggestions?

    It would just be me pumping a bunch of cheapos at you mate.

    Guys like Joao Moutinho at Wolves...

    A well known PB player, who signed a new 3 year contract at Christmas, and is still in the Europa. He's won PB twice already this season and posted about a dozen scores ranging from 180-250.

    Seems well under priced to me with bids of 28p for a player who peaked at 79p in November and again in February (around the Europa competition dates), his next Europa match is in a few weeks at which point, the rest of Premiership are done playing... so bets are going to go somewhere...

  • I'm sure we've all currently got players in our portfolio like that.
    It makes you question the purchase in the first place and potentially get a bit edgy.
    Stand firm and remember why you bought in the first place.
    Check this one in my portfolio.


    No way should there be that big a spread.

    Reasons bought were potential Summer transfer, Euros with Germany, damn good player and then obviously the funny name! 😂😂😂

  • @Dan-The-Man no worries mate. I'm guess I'm just trying to get my head around what this means for the top end of the market. I dont have vast amounts of top end players but as we all know they are dropping like stones right now and normally that would be the best time to buy. I'm very tempted but this time everything seems very negative and everyone seems to be getting rid. So is there likely anything will happen to improve this? I think eventually there will be but will it be too late? Is the nest dividend review too far away. Who knows, its all quite confusing right now what best to do. I jsut cabt bring myself to sell my portfolio to buy goalkeepers 😄

  • @Stevo said in OK... If Market Makers Are Coming...:

    @Dan-The-Man so do you see the premium end bouncing back or do you think the middle of the market?

    I think FI set out to feed the bottom end of the market, in order to make the bottom end more attractive for now, so that money moves from top to bottom, before prices of premium players became off putting to new customers.

    If I'm right, it was basically their way of avoiding another share split, so soon after the last split.

    So for now, the bottom end will likely boom but that will cause upwards pressure and then in future the top end will rocket again, at which point FI will announce the next share split sending the top end in to over drive. Could be a fair way off that though and it's worth remembering that those who were king last year aren't king no more... .

  • @Dan-The-Man exactly this, ive mentioned it a few times. They want it to grow of course but if players were creeping up to £15 again a year and a bit after last split it makes it very difficult for new users to see the value.

  • @Shippers thats true but maybe an idea to stop ipo-ing some of the crap they have done as well.

  • @Stevo they have to IPO the crap as realistically you should have every player in the platform that is playing in a PB league in my eyes. Its hard to keep up but i bet we start to see large influx of IPOs once system is in place and players make match squads etc... from shitty players to good ones.

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