Bruno, Rashford falling like mad

  • Are they likely to bounce back? What do people think?

  • Bruno is 6% below his peak at present in a period after massive growth. If you bought at £11+ I can see your concern but he's not falling dramatically.

    I would imagine he's a £12+ player by Christmas and will be returning Divs quite well between now and that period.

  • 100% They will, there will be a lot of people with a lot of profit in these players that are either listing hoping the magic mikes will snap them up - or taking the offers people have put on. The smashed into the keeper markets.

    3 weeks time, these players will be growing again (if it takes that long).

    Premium holds, once the top 25 to 50 start to rise people will start buying again.

  • Temporary dip. Long term holds. Europa league favourites. Gold days with miminmal matches due in August.

    Absolutely nothing to worry about

  • Huge opportunities in that end of the market - I cashed in on Greenwood during his last peak but tempted to put some ME bids in now that lots of soft money is falling out.

    Bruno falling like that too is 🤷‍♂️.

    The ME is creating so many lucrative entry points right now.

  • @Archer22 Rashford 100% watching him last night, needs to be a tad more clinical but he looked very sharp. Bruno i expect so especially towards the start of next season. I think traders are probably more frustrated at Ole rather than Bruno. As new season resumes i expect he will rise as long as 5 sub rule is removed. Its been mentioned its staying but cant see it. Id say this time next year Bruno will be hoovering between £13-£15 with euros, div increase and he will probably of done well towards TOTM.

  • I think Millerman nailed it. There has been no point listing for market sell recently, but now that Mr LP1 is driving round with £50 notes fluttering out the back of his maserati, people are probably using it as an opportunity to profit take or exit.

    A lot of money went into the top end expecting a significant div increase, so not surprising some are trying to exit these holds for now.

  • From what I can take from all this , FI made the bottem more attractive to make room at the top end for new users to join.

    Long story short, the idea is this. (I think and hope)
    We suck it up the now and take it on the chin as money moves about, once FI get marketing on the go, loads of new faces will join buying all our holds, making us all rich lol.

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