Heads up Revolut users

  • Just spoke to CS and was told they no longer accept Revolut cards for deposits in line with gambling commission regs, I asked about Monzo and other online banks and was told Monzo is ok for now but that could change in the future.

    As an Irish trader it’s another pain in the hole because I’ll be charged 1% fx fees for deposits and 1% fx fees withdrawals from here on out.

    I also asked if I’ll be flagged up for EDD if I deposited 10-20k in 1k installments over the next couple of weeks and was told I may be asked for a picture of front of my card but that should suffice as they have all my other details from the start of last year.

  • If it helps. put the screenshot of your card on here too along with your PIN and then us forum users can act as character witnesses that your details are correct if FI challenge you


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