• I just don't get the rise and that he's this expensive when compared to Alisson for example. Is it just cos of CL this year? His PB scores are not great overall.

  • Think the more recent rise is to do with Chelsea links. He'd be excellent value if he went there IMO - at least £2 depending on where keepers end up settling.

    However staying at Atletico there are many others I'd rather get on board with.

  • Hes coming to Chelsea apparently in a Kepa + cash deal ( apparently they still owe us some money from the Morata deal )

    I don't think this deal has legs but it could happen and would be the signing of the season for Chelsea by far.

    Onana is a lot more likely imo.

  • @London-Is-Blue

    Oblak is top class if not the best but would u have him over Werner?
    I know you boys got Kepa 😁 but still ...

  • @King-Fergus Werner isn't 'needed' really, a goalkeeper who can save the ball on the other hand.. now that's something that Chelsea are lacking and your right, Oblak is probably the best keeper in the world in terms of shot stopping.

    I think Kepa is likely to get loaned out for 2 years, don't get me wrong he has incredible talent and is still young enough that i think he will come good but i think his morale is shot he needs to go away and play without all the history he has at Chelsea.

  • Congrats on shoehorning 'Chelsea' and 'history' into the same sentence, tough to do ;)

  • Chelsea are terrible defensively, so would Oblak score highly with few clean sheets?

    Also Gollini another I don’t understand, similar reasons poor PB and Atalanta don’t defend that well.

  • @chaps1988 Part of the reason Chelsea are terrible defensively is down to the keeper not being able to save. Oblak would fix that.

    Also the attacking signings Chelsea have made will help fix the defensive issues as well, Lampard has made he clear he wants his team to score 2,3,4 early on to kill teams morale and stop them thinking they are still in the game and this in turn will mean Chelsea concede less.

  • If you think signing Oblak is going to instantly solve Chelsea’s defence you’re deluded. You make Kepa sound like he’s an U15 keeper. Chelsea need at least 2 defenders (LB and CB) as well but the crux of it is that Lampard has no defensive knowhow, proved with his time at Derby as well.

    As for scoring 2.3.4 early. Do me a favour. They aren’t world beaters. How often does that happen? Probably part of his defensive issues if he thinks he can just blow sides away. The arrogance of it.

  • @chaps1988 I did not say signing Oblak will solve all of Chelsea's defensive issues?

    I said signing a goalkeeper than can save will help. Kepa has the lowest save percentage in the league for a reason. Oblak is one of if not the best shot stopper in the world, to use your own words.. if you think signing Oblak would not instantly improve Chelsea's defensive issues then you are deluded.

    I'm sorry, Werner, Havertz, Ziyech, Pulisic ? That's not a good attacking force? I don't even know what to say.

  • @London-Is-Blue fitting all these new players in immediately rarely happens. Many top players have come and failed in the prem, particularly at Chelsea.

    Chelsea are a farce - all the chat about bringing through young English talent, then first chance they get they spend massive on all foreigners.

    Lampard isn’t the man, you’ll see.

  • @chaps1988

    Are there English players available of the talent and with the output of Werner/Ziyech for the same price? No there is not. It's just smart business. You can't rely fully on your academy to bring through a top tier team, you have to supplement in the transfer market.

    Yes players take time to settle and some do and have flopped but if you look at the prices Chelsea paid for Werner and Ziyech they will easily be able to be sold on for a profit. Havertz is an incredible talent and if that goes through which it is looking more and more likely, i highly doubt he will flop.

    Mason Mount is likely to be in and around the first team next season so is Reece James and Tomori (all three are still young) Tammy has had his contract extended by a year, so the English talent that was bought through this season is not going anywhere. To compete on all fronts you need more than a starting 11.

    Lampard may or may not be the man, time will tell but given he has had a transfer ban lost 50% of Chelsea's goal involvements in Hazard and still within a shout of top 4 is some achievement and again i never said he was the man, i stated his philosophy is to blow teams away early rightly or wrongly that's what he wants.

  • @London-Is-Blue fair points. We shall see. Not deliberately being argumentative, just passionate about my football and can’t see Chelsea being the success everyone thinks cos you don’t win anything without a defence.

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