• Enjoyed that last minute PB win last night and I hope some others did too! I know he's 'expensive for a defender' but he's a great player, PB beast, WC coming up and always transfer spec around him. He's been dropping a lot so good time to get back on!

  • @NewUser108933 gutted he beat laport by a point late last night i was waiting for my pb then that bugger popped up90th min....😱😭

  • Loved it too!!! Especially as it throws Serie A title wide open again.

    I would love for my club to break the bank buying him, stick him in front of the CBs, his passing, speed, strength etc. etc. in that position is exactly what we've needed for 10+ years.

  • yeah jumped out me seat and scared the cat!!!! became a bit of a Napoli fan in recent years having watched half a game at the San Paolo before running out during a riot due to being too scared to watch the whole 90 minutes.... Seen on instagram on Saturday the streets full of fans singing with flags and flares just to wish them look as the bus drove to the airport!!! they're a different breed down there and I'm keeping fingers crossed for a first scudetto since the days of Maradona... The club deserves success and on recent years have been a breath of fresh air in the way they play.

    As for Koulibaly... Not many better in the world so he'll rise in value and probably get a move to one of the big boys in England or Spain eventually? His PB scores are fantastic but that goes for all Napoli defenders... Mario Rui did well last night too and talk his he'll be getting a move in the summer and still under Β£1 offers good value.

  • He’s popped up a couple times (before I joined FI I was made aware of him). Not a bad shout tbh πŸ‘

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