Poll: What value of Dividends will top GK's return in the 20/21 season?

  • By top goalkeepers I mean the expected top dividend earner's;

  • I was torn between 40p and 50p. Im basing it on scores not considering IPD’s or the odd occasion they can achieve star man, which has happened in the past so can happen again. I expect a top keeper will be winning PB more than 10 times a season

  • @Black-Wolf based on TOTM I've gone for 50p. Those who capitalize most on the EL multiplier against sides like Glencerbirigli will return a hell.of a percentage

  • @MickTurbo i hadn’t considered that so yeah it should be over 50p.

    The best part about all of this is that keepers are so cheap you dont have to worry to much about how much they will win individually because you can buy the majority of them for less than a couple of premium holds and win regularly

  • I’ve gone 30p as I think we’ll see the PB and TOTM winners spread over a good dozen keepers through the year, plus some unlikely winners based on individual games

  • I forgot about TOTM and the odd Media so I’m going over 50p

  • @MickTurbo Not to disagree with you (but I am about too 😉) but I find the EL GK situation a strange one. Often squad rotation so second choice GK often play. Don't think EL has 3 matches a month so this could damage both squad GK's chances in TOTM.

    As for PB on the night, in early rounds often 16+ games. How much is a top GK going to do against a dog shit side? A CS, one long range shot and moderate number of passes? Always going to be a dog shit side GK, even a second choice GK, who has the game of his life and takes the dividends.

    So yes, GK's are going to take home dividends but until the latter knock out rounds not many, if any, from the top GK's.

  • For me there is still enormous value in keepers in all price brackets, but the absolute best value is still at the bottom end. The keepers that play in mid/lower table sides that are likely to have a few games where they face lots of shots are still unbelievable value.

    I picked up a No. 1 at 24p yesterday and know there are many more out there. Totally get the argument about Alisson, ter Stegen etc but the real cheapies will have great ROI with just a couple of dividend wins.

  • @Martyn-B you're right of course, but that to me, just makes keepers elsewhere look very cheap. Theyll be the value in a few weeks time

  • @MickTurbo Flip flopping on EL GK's!! On the plus side, the first team top GK's may not even play the EL games but I expect them to dominate the Monday PB bronze games on a regular Monday/Thursday match schedule.

  • @Martyn-B My thoughts were lower - mid table keepers for normal days and then top tier keepers for the latter stages of the EL/CL.

    That's how i personally feel i have the best chance at getting divs from my keepers and my picks are in line with that.

  • I look back at some of my first purchases on here and rue selling them now (I had Trent at something like £1). The present opportunity with keepers reminds me of this - it feels like a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor again.

    I'm trying to spread myself across as many keepers as I can afford to. Quite happy to skim profits off one and get on another even if it only means I end up with 100 shares or so. When I think of future dividend rises, potential share splits and platform growth, there are great opportunities here and regardless of if you're buying top end like Alisson, or bottom end, like Sels, you should reap the benefits in the long term.

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