Christian Früchtl

  • Hi all. First post!

    What are people's thoughts about Christian Früchtl?

    He seems very underpriced, given the current trend?

    Youngest GK on the index, 20, also one of the cheapest, currently 39p/40p.

    He's been outstanding for Bayern II this season. Widely touted as the next Neuer/German No.1

    Turned down a move to Liverpool in January

    In the next 3 weeks, a loan will be announced by Bayern: Fruchtl will be a first choice GK in either a Bundesliga or Premier League team.

  • Hi and welcome.

    Not sure he’s the youngest or the cheapest but he’s certainly decent; however Munich have or are buying the Schalke keeper to replace neuer so unless he goes out on loan he won’t be getting PB games that often.

    But he’s certainly on for the future if you want a 3 year hold and see what happens

  • @Gingdex picked up 200 @40p
    Long term hold that could be worth 2/3 times that in a couple of years if your happy to wait it out.

  • @Sav2000 Thanks for the welcome! There are only four 20 year old GKs on the Index. No teenagers. Fruchtl is the youngest and the also biggest prospect.

    Bayern have five GKs now - Neuer, Ulrich, Nubel and Hoffman. Fruchtl has been promised a loan move for next season, which will be announced in the next 3-4 weeks. There's a range of Bundesliga and Premier League clubs interested. Fruchtl will only go if he's first choice. Hoffman will be the Bayern II GK.

  • @Gingdex sounds promising and sure to rise if performing well 👍

  • @Matt-flint I think Fruchtl will £1+ next season, once traders realise his age, how good he is and that he is first choice for a PB team!

  • @Gingdex hope so

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