Newbie asking about price movement

  • Hi all, I know I have a lot to learn, and there is no quick answer, but I have read up a bit on what drives prices on here, but it doesn't seem to be the case. I have only just recently joined, and stuck a few quid in to test the water. I will give some examples of players I havent yet bought, to illustrate my point.
    Sadio Mane - of whom Jurgen Klopp recently said "he is playing at an unbelievable level". On here, his price is dropping like a stone.
    Leroy Sane - Just signed a 5 year contract with Bayern Munich, and has a promising future. On here his price is dropping like a stone.
    Rhian Brewster - on loan from Liverpool to Sawnsea, and storming it by all accounts. Price going up and up, but what will happen if he comes back to Liverpool and isnt playing regular ? Would it start dropping again ?
    btw players I have so far, are Curtis Jones, Kevin De Brugne, christian Pulisilic, Bruno Fernandes, Bokayo Saka, Haaland, Neymar. Almost all players were rising in price first couple of days, and my port was rising, now almost all are red, as is my port.
    Any advice on any of the above appreciated. Is this short term fluctuation normal, do the choices seem ok, why are the aforementioned good players dropping etc ? Thanks guys in advance.

  • @NewUser633142 price is dictated by demand which doesnt always translate to the real world. First off a players price rises 1p for every 900 shares bought(the number of shares is known to vary and isnt always as much as 900). It drops 1p for every 900 listed for sale. This is the basics of how players prices go up and down

    A lot of the time the worlds best players arent always the highest price for a number of reasons.

    Media Buzz or MB is one of the dividends that drive value. This is based on english media so english players or Premier league players have an advantage here. Single named players are also seen as more favourable

    PB or performance buzz is the other main dividend that drives prices. Just because a player is world class doesn’t always mean he will score well on the PB matrix. Quite a bit of research can go into this to find those PB gems.

  • @NewUser633142 in short you’ve joined at a time when we’re going through a new cycle; the new cycle is keepers as they are great value given their new dividend and TOTM chances.

    Added in to some unrest in the user base prices fall.

    To put it into context last October we had something similar, I joined in the August and shit myself; but cooler older heads advised things bounce back and they do.

    Some of the players you mentioned have other reasons for not doing well such as not suiting the PB dividend matrix, others as they have left the EPL.

    You’ll soon pick it up and welcome to the community we’re not all twats I promise

  • my thoughts for what they are worth

    Mane - linked with a move away from PL. His average score is 112 has earnt 2p in PB and 21p in MB Around 7% ROI I think. will he be in the news if he moves ? Maybe but depends on MB review..

    Sane - Already moved to Bayern, which looks a great move, But he will either be up against Lewa as a forward or Kimmich as a mid. And he needs to prove he is over a bad injury.

    I wouldnt call either a bad hold. Just money going out for the above reasons I think, plus people selling up to invest in GK.

    For the rest, such as KDB, Pulisic.......great chance of being in TOTM, posting decent scores....but 1 KDB = 10 GK and we are nearing the season end.

    Sit tight. Once all the leagues are back you have players who will be in CL and also have the Euro Nations.

  • @NewUser633142 Btw your player selection is very good in terms of FI but everything is relative to when you bought an how much you paid. Make sure you understand the matching engine and also read the all things football index thread. Theres an awful lot thats worth learning and cant be explained in a few sentences

  • Thanks to everyone who replied here. I am taking all advice on board, and doing research on some of it too.

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