Your high hopes for players next season

  • Who are your highest hopes for next season in all top 5 leagues who you reckon will rise the most % and 3 from outside for each position (apart from shitty keepers πŸ˜‚) mine are as follows

    Seria a

    Lucas Hernandez


    Yacine Adil


    De jong


    Recce James

    Best of the rest


    Hoping for a few 100 percent player there

  • @R2d2 some nice choices there. I think your request to exclude keepers has limited the interest in the thread unfortunately. It just highlights the impact keepers have had theres very little interest in the rest of the market at the moment but looking where others arent is usually one of the best methods for big gains on here πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Leaving keepers aside, all of whom are gonna rise and rise, I'd say these are the holds I'm most excited about and why


    Cancelo - minutes, be it at city or elsewhere
    Ceballos - PB monster who just needs a couple of peak scores for ppl to realize

    La Liga

    Estupinan - 119 at HT vs Barca says a lot. On the radar of a cluster of Europes elite


    Kimmich - TOTM
    Pavard - underpriced almost on GK levels
    Demirbay - started gaining recognition as a real PB contender
    Martìn - Hopefully a break out season

    Serie A

    Pulgar - Less than half his peak and nowt has changed

    Ligue 1

    Icardi - Expecting Lewandowski numbers from him
    Aouchiche - Cheapest of the faceless wonderkids, yet one of the most talented
    Dubois - Everything to look forward to after a season spoilt by injury

    Best of the rest

    Wober - PB move
    Ajer - see above

  • @R2d2
    Nice list. I'm excited to see how Theo progresses next year. Has the PB game and hoping he kicks on. One from each league from me:

    Prem - Jarrod Bowen. Not a WH fan but been really impressed with him in last 2 or 3 weeks despite his awful finishing. Posting respectable PB scores too without goal/assist contributions. Could breakout next season. Being 23 and English helps on FI too,

    Ligue 1 - Caqueret. Started to see a few more minutes last season and with Lyon having failed to qualify for Europe all their focus will be on the league. Chance for him to establish himself in the first 11.

    Serie A - Hakimi. Intrigued to see how he settles into a new league and into a new system at Inter. Personally think he's a good hold whether he's listed as a defender or midfielder as he can score well in either position. Of course, if he is confirmed as a defender, he'll be more appealing.

    Bundesliga - Skov. Very good debut season in the league since moving to TSG. They've qualified for Europe next season so we'll be seeing more of him. Great PB game although it remains to be seen if he'll be listed as a defender given his advance position last year.

    La Liga - Fati. Only one I don't hold. Excited to see if he can nail down a regular starting spot which, if he did and was a success, could see a Greenwoodesque rise in his price.

  • @Black-Wolf cheers leaving goal keepers out was a bit tongue in cheek, as most will still rise more

    @MickTurbo always look at ceballos but always something that stop me investing ( correctly so, so far but cud easily rise)

    @Vaughany if Bowen starts well and gets links with bigger clubs(man utd) cud have a grealish kind of rise

  • Yacine Adil is the player I’m currently topping up on. Feel he goes under the radar compared to some other French youngsters.

  • @CJ0101 yeah I currently don't own atm but cud be a good little player and suits pb

  • Pietro Pellegri went off after 26min in a friendly for Monaco tonight if anyone is interested, dunno if it’s another injury tbh but I assume so

  • @Gregolocky
    I did some searching through foreign media as I hold Lecomte who also came off in the first half and I was worried he was injured. Can't say for certain but from the article I translated via Google there is no mention of any injuries and it looks like the coach was just shuffling his pack early. Fingers crossed they aren't injured.

  • @MickTurbo couldn't agree more about Caballos, reckon he'll be the Premier League version of Kimmich if he sticks around long enough. And if he doesn't, he'll get some media and do the same in another pb league

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