Are you happy with your portfolio?

  • Hey Guys

    Let's hear your views on your portfolio at this moment in time....are you happy with the way your portfolio has grown over the months? or are you feeling depressed every day you look at it and keep seeing red players?

    The only reason I ask is because I think a lot of traders out there that are concerned about their investment and making daily losses....the bottom line is with investing in a market is not how much you invest but more of the case WHEN you invest...



  • Of the 8 players I've invested over £100 in (big buys) only one of them is running at a loss and thats Harry Kane. I'd expect him to rise again.

  • @bigbradwolf when do you expect to cash out on them? how much profit do you want from them before this comes into play....

  • I'm happy I picked it a few of my big hitters are down but I only have small futures in them my squad players are doing well and got most futures in them so I'm still up

  • I've recently completely overhauled my portfolio, previously I was chasing rises in lower value players and constantly missing the boat and therefore picking up losses. My portfolio now is geared up to an 80% holding in Salah, Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi and Pogba, and then the remaining 20% is purely for trading in players that I hope will rise in the short term.

    My hope is that with the 5 mentioned, I should be picking up around 20 MB dividends per month and the odd PB which slowly builds my bank along with the hope that I get lucky more often than not on my short term trades

  • Like many I guess at this stage, my smaller priced players (whom I mainly picked up for transfers) are propping up the losses on the big players so it’s a mixed bag. Can’t see myself ever being completely happy with the portfolio...and my decision to let Salah go at £8 (thinking City would win the CL tie) always hurts when I see the Top 200 increase lists...

  • @Golfing-Grandad spare a thought for me, he was my first purchase at £1.77, I panicked and instant sold when he dropped to £1.74

  • @Wolves_Ay_We How long ago was he at that price?

  • I was at 40% returns from my initial investment before last week when I doubled that investment spend and i've had only small movement since so am currently standing at just over 20% profit based on cash spent verses portfolio worth.

    My intentions is to make 100% profit within the 3 years but am optimistic this will be done sooner... If I aim to get back to the 40% I was at for say August this would double what I have made so far and potentially with continued growth in FI by the end of next season i'll have smashed my personal target.

    Am I totally happy? I'm a little apprehensive about the growth of the game in general which is the only thing stopping me investing more... If i see big rises from the marketing campaigns in the summer I'll be looking to double up again!!!

  • @AndyP32 Around October 2017, so just over 6 months ago, luckily it was only a small holding whilst I got to grips with the platform but even so, still kicking myself

  • @Wolves_Ay_We That’s pretty awful. You not bought back in at any time???

  • I've got 50% of my portfolio targeting mb/pb. About 30% medium term targeting the next 2 or 3 transfer windows. A further 20% long term holds which are effectively acting as bond assets and doing their job at the moment keeping me happy during what has been a volatile month.

    Made an error on Timo Werner and he's down now but I'm holding and confident it will pay off soon. Kane and De Bruyne have just today gone into red as well but again confident they will pick up again soon.

    Most productive picks so far have been Salah, Pogba, Neymar both mb and price increases and De Ligt is flying going into the summer.

    Dolberg, Lemar, Richarlison and Neres also doing their bit as well.

  • @Golfing-Grandad Only very recently, I've always been pretty slow to react and always thinking I'd missed the boat, so I'd left him alone, hindsight is a wonderful thing!

  • @AndyP32

    At the moment I'm holding as the players I have are great prospects and will be linked with moves over the next couple of years. Some are in the World Cup also.

    In the long run it gives me confidence and goes to show you don't have to be spending huge amounts on Neymar and Kane to make money.

  • My Man City and Spurs buys lost me a fortune but luckily Ibrahimovic keeps fluctuating from 70p to 95p every week which keeps my head above water.
    So if everyone would go out and buy Man City player I’d be quids in 😂

  • @NewUser134578 said in Are you happy with your portfolio?:

    My Man City and Spurs buys lost me a fortune but luckily Ibrahimovic keeps fluctuating from 70p to 95p every week which keeps my head above water.
    So if everyone would go out and buy Man City player I’d be quids in 😂

    If you're happy to sit tight until next season then I think you'll be fine.

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