Just don't buy their keepers!!

  • During Covid, I've been watching predominantly Bundesliga. It appears to me that David Wagner completely lost the plot, and made a very good squad with lots of young players play like Hartlepool United(cheap shot, sorry Hartlepool fan).

    I expect Wagner to leave or get asked to leave in the near future and with that in mind, Schalke look excellent value.

    One to look past the stats of a bad season, and we all know about Matonda and McKennie, but the team is now predominantly 23 and under and everyone of them has a sell price under a pound.

    Something that wasn't the managers fault was the state of the keepers-Nubel was ringing it in and Schubert had a mare. Also not his fault-injuries to Serdar and Amrit

    In short, buy Schalke players as they are mainly young, of very good ability, and Nostradamus hat on, might be able to get a European spot next season if the manager goes.

    Failing that, Bayern will probably buy the better ones over the next few years

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