Concerned about the spread?

  • I know I am! I understood why the spread was so large during the lockdown of football, to retain the investment in the platform.

    I don’t understand why the spread is so large now?? Can anyone shed light on this, is it the new Nasdaq way??

  • Because is is now traders offers so people are trying to get as big a discount off of mb price as possible

  • I'm sure there was a 60% minimum offer that FI mentioned(off the top of my head).
    They could tighten the spreads immediately by implementing this and setting parameters to trade in, as was intended.

  • I’ve put out loads of buy orders at the highest buy offer over the past few days and nobody is selling right now.

    I’m pretty confident we will start to see them shorten soon - I don’t think they will get as close to the buy price as we would like but certainly moving in the right direction.

  • @Chris-J Why would people sell at less than Market Value (unless they are desperate) when there is a MM out there going round snapping people up at Market Value. The introduction of the liquidity provider has had the opposite effect and has driven down liquidity, while also driving down prices as people list to sell in the hope he buys their players.

  • @GDS the MMs only seem to be sweeping up premium dividend winners - I’m bidding mid/lower end and not getting anywhere.

    I agree that they have had the opposite effect of their intended outcome though - sell queues are probably bigger than before they were introduced.

    I’m sure loads have just listed their entire portfolios in the hope that a MM buys their shares, knowing they can buy back in at huge discounts via the ME.

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