Instant Sell Prices !!

  • Is the difference between the 'Value' and the 'Instant Sell' price usually that high?? never really noticed before....

    Messi = 48p
    Neymar = 41p
    Ronaldo - 57p

    suppose the good thing about this is it encourages traders to keep their shares.

  • Spread prices is a bit of a hot topic at the moment as there seems to be little consistency on the spread applied, but a general rule of thumb is that it is around 3% of cost which obviously translates to a higher spread on the more expensive players, lower down the index it will only be a few pence

  • Yeh you really want to avoid Instant Selling, that was my worst mistake i made when i joined having no patients jumping from one play to another IS'ing players when i thought i seen a better option, a bigger pull of players helps this, as only had 7-10 when i started so got bored quick, now with a larger poll, theres always someone in that pool of players thats rising or PB

  • @AndyP32 - spread prices in absolute terms are next to useless. Neymars spread is 3.5%, Messi is 5% and Ronaldo is a whopping 6.5%. Kanes is 3% by the by.

    Is that high? You're damn right it is, all 4 of those players sat at 3% for a long time until a few weeks ago. 3% is pretty much the benchmark, few beat it, many many players come in higher. Ronny is likely to be the highest on the index at 6.5% but I haven't checked. But yes it is designed to stop the rot at the top end of the market.

    Just perusing the increase list on the squad... Helder Costa 6.2%, Morgan Gibbs White 6.67 (we have a winner!!) etc. They are high to stop flipping once the instant sell on IPOs is activated.

    Ignoring IPO players then. Damien Da Silva 6.3%, Kwoon Chang 5.2%, Ivan Mercano 6% etc. etc. etc.

    My point is that the spreads of the top end of the market, apart from Ronny, aren't that bad and there is a lot of misinformation being 'spread' (pun intended).

    The squad consistently has horrific spreads and I guarantee that FI makes more of those players than they do off the top boys, not even close.

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