• I looked for a previous thread about him but couldn't see anything beyond a couple of mentions a while ago so forgive me for creating a new topic. I've been picking up dribs and drabs of him at 73p to 83p via the ME but keen to get others views.

    The obvious cons: currently in a non-PB league, turns 28 next month and no Euros next year.

    The potential pros: a move away from Ajax looks increasingly likely this summer as Overmars has said that he can leave if they get a decent offer (around £22m I believe). He has been linked to the Prem and La Liga recently. Has a decent PB output. From just 7 eligible games he has an average/max of 116/290 and 5p divs returned, according to the data I have seen.

    Anything I've overlooked and what are traders thoughts on his price if/when he goes to a PB league? Regardless of where he goes, assuming it is a PB league, is he a PB divs threat as he appears to be?

  • I don't currently hold him but have done on more than one occasion. He's a great player and if he played in a PB league and for a European country he would easily be worth double what he is. I would love to hold him and then he moves to a PB league, however in the past I have lost patience and decided to use the money elsewhere. I personally believe he will end up playing in Spain soon and his value will be £1 - £1.30p. If he did sign for Chelsea/Arsenal as the press have been stating he could be worth £1.20 - £1.50. A few of his great performances and then it's FI rocket time. The gamble is basically will he move to PB league soon.

    You got me wanting to get back on him now, especially if he's available around the average of 78p

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah
    Thanks. It wouldn't be the first time I've been stung by the non-PB league transfer. I held Ricardo Rodriguez when he was looking to leave Milan and I, foolishly, thought he was too good to end up anywhere else other than another PB league. Might continue to pick up a few shares here and there but hold off until further news.

  • @Vaughany I have previously held and he is a nice player to watch.

    Those eligible games I think would have been with the multiplier for being European matches( although still pretty handy scores) . For roughly the same price you could pick up Grimaldo, who is younger, has a better average over more games and a slightly higher top score, with a higher output of goals and assists

    That's not to say he won't earn you some money, just that he has to move soon other wise he starts fitting into the nearly 30 category that apparently is like breaking both your legs to investors

  • @Moukoko shhhh about Grimaldo he's in my watch list

  • @Moukoko
    Yeh, those games must have been the Champs Leagues games so point taken on the PB scores. I guess he needs to go in this transfer window otherwise he'll be approaching 29 and like you say, FI traders will give him a wide berth.

    I looked at Grimmy a while back. I'll give him another look now. Thanks.

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah literally everyone is a bargain right now!

  • @Moukoko Even Inigo Lekue? Please make me a good offer 🙏🏼

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah we talking about Alex Grimaldo, ex Barcelona left back and a legend on my FM13 team...😆

  • Money is tight in Erediv and Ajax have to sell every year.

    They have the Tadic money, and Van Beek going somewhere but I'd be surprised if Onana and Tagliafico stay. A lot of clubs linked with keepers and left backs.

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