The impact of sell orders

  • As a new initiate to FI the changes to the platform over the past year have required some steep learning curves. The forthcoming change of order books will be the next in of line big changes. I would be grateful to the bright mind who could think through exactly what kind of impact the order book will have on the platform?

  • @NewUser469373 until we know the order book system that is going to be implemented it is impossible to say how it will change the platform, it's only guesswork currently

  • I had a feeling that might be the answer. Maybe rephrasing the question might be useful. Instead of thinking through "exactly" what changes it may bring is it possible to suggest certain characteristics that we might find as part of the order book system?

  • People are gonna bid down the prices much more quickly than people buying (espically as money is tied up in players) as a result everyone gonna be taking a big L.

  • Banned

    Spreads will get closer together. Buy price will be cheaper and sell price lower.

    Short term, our ports will look worse off.
    Long term, it comes down to what FI do next and how well they implement it.

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